Chris Richards – The Hypno Coach, Psychology For Success – 12th June

Chris Richards, The Hypno Coach – Psychology For Success

Chris is a Business Psychology Coach, Speaker and Master Hypnotherapist. Focusing on small to medium-sized businesses, Chris has spent years working to solve Psychology, Content Creation and Marketing problems for Entrepreneurs who are unhappy with their results, progress or income.

Chris lives to help people better understand the patterns of behaviour or gaps in business strategy or skill set, which limit the overall results and fulfilment… But also helps them get into the mind of their ideal clients, so they can start creating content which connects on a very deep and very real level.

After working with Chris, many entrepreneurs have reported that they can now make light work of any obstacles or challenges they encounter and are happier now with more freedom, time and energy.

It’s fair to say that although Chris can be seen as rather unorthodox in his approach and informal in his speech for such a deep level of work, but there’s no denying that he lives, sleeps and breathes fast business growth and powerful psychology for success.

Chris will be provide you with:

– The Five Questions that Drive and Control ALL Human Behaviour

– Powerful Techniques to tap into your mind’s potential for Happiness and Peak Performance.

– The Top Five Mental Blocks and Subconscious Limitations, which hold people back and the exact steps you can take to save yourself!

Chris Richards
“The Hypno Coach”