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Exhibit at any of our events for just £35.  Golden Ticket price £13.50

Would you like to sponsor this event? £100 includes a 10 minutes speaking slot, exhibitors stand, 1 ticket and business literature on every place setting and online marketing prior and after the event across our social media and digital marketing too. Golden Ticket price £75.

5th Sept - Turn Your Elevator Pitches into a Powerful Marketing Stragegy

5 styles to powerfully connect.
The big mistakes that stop people from listening to what you have to say.
The scary knock on effect that a bad elevator pitch can have on your marketing strategy.
The key words that need to factor in your promo slots.
How to turn an elevator pitch into a 10 minute talk.
How Mandie transforms someone too scared to even say their name into a confident networker delivering elevator pitches that work!
Author of Fight the fear – how to beat your negative mindset and win in life delivers a fun, interactive session. Described as one of the top UK Business and Motivational Speakers, don’t miss this!

Top tips, tools and strategies taken from Mandie's 5 star course - Learn more about this elevator pitch online course here.

5th Sept 2018 - MH Elevator Pitches Braintree halstead networking

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An interactive masterclass focused on increasing your sales, confidence and success. Always business focused. Always fun. Always proactive and aimed at your needs. Plenty of time to free network and talk about your business too!

3rd Oct - Pinterest - Why you need it Masterclass and networking

Most social media platforms are seeing stalled growth but Pinterest is bucking that trend (Big style!)  

With over 200 million people on Pinterest every month (An increase of almost 40% year on year.)

Over 50 billion pins & 2 thirds represent brands and products.

90% of weekly Pinners use the platform to make purchase decisions and 72% say that Pinterest inspires them to shop even when they aren’t looking for anything! But how do you leverage on this platform for your business?

Properly optimized it can be great for SEO. Google loves Pinterest and gives top ranking to Pinterest boards over a small website that lacks engagement or traffic, scary but great news for small business owners!

Kae will be sharing why and how you to use Pinterest for your business. Kae is our expert because not only does Kae love supporting small businesses to success, with Kae’s years of digital experience Jam Station clients include Ford, British Gas, Lloyds and Intel.

Social media marketing is an ever-changing landscape learn how to find your voice, your audiences and create strategies that work!

Get paid to network anywhere in the UK

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Sponsor this event for £100 and get a 10 minute spot light slot, your business literature on every place setting, online and offline promotion up to the event AND 1 ticket and 1 exhibitors stand!

7th Nov - Charging your worth & Increase profit Masterclass and networking

You’re a talented, ambitious passionate business woman who excels in your profession and yet your profit margin still doesn’t reflect your hard work!

  • Stop giving away your hours in “free taster sessions” and gain customers the easier way.
  • Stop losing the deal and learn to pitch right.
  • Stop damaging your credibility, financial success and profitability. 

Do potential customers make all the right noises but don’t buy?

Do you feel undervalued and overlooked despite your excellence?

 How is it possible that others are charging more and you’re struggling to get customers?

 Learn the key strategies to charge with confidence and authority and learn how to increase your prices!

How to build an incredible internal strength that allows you to communicate so people fall in love with you, your business and your products and services. You do not want to miss Anne- Marie!

Essex networking for women

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Sponsor this event for £100 and get a 10 minute spot light slot, your business literature on every place setting, online and offline promotion up to the event AND 1 ticket and 1 exhibitors stand!

5th Dec - Social media wasting your time? This Masterclass could fix it! 

And networking

Thanks to too much social media info it’s getting harder to stand out and get noticed.

You know you need to create personable content that resonates with your audiences, so they engage and buy. It’s a great low-cost way to gain new business, gain brand recognition and grow, however get it wrong and it can take hours and get you nowhere!

Learn how to share the right content that motivates your ideal customers into action.

Learn why your social media is failing you.

Learn how to speed up the process from new liker, to buyer! Learn how to reduce the time needed to have the perfect multimedia content.

Naomi Mc Laughlan, author of the International Bestselling Book series 'Start-Up on a Shoestring Budget' helps her international clients to strategise for growth and reach their customers locally, regionally and globally. TV presenter, coach, consultant and speaker, you are not going to want to miss this!

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£100 to sponsor this event - includes a 10 minute promo slot, business literature on every place setting, marketing on and off line, 1 ticket and 1 exhibitors stand.

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Please note when booking our events that by purchasing a ticket and walking through our doors you are aware that we do take photos and short videos to enable us to further promote you and raise your brand awareness. If you wish to not be included could you advise us prior to the event and we will ensure you are not filmed or photographed.

Halstead & Braintree Coordinator – Mandie Holgate


Founder of The Business Womans Network Mandie Holgate still hosts our North and West Essex events as well as being a Business Coach to busy Business Owners and hosting privately funded training programmes for businesses in areas of Confidence, Achieving your goals, Creativity, Marketing & Sales, Business Growth, Public Speaking, Focus, Accountability, Leadership, Networking, Reputation, Business Communication,Time Management, Motivation & Fear of the Phone.

Mandie is also a powerful professional speaker who really gets her audiences thinking and changing their actions having spoken for national conferences and is often in the media speaking about business success as well as areas such as work life balance and serious illness and successful business.

To learn more about our Founder say “Hi” to her social media all accessible via her website

Mandie’s 3 books can be ordered now on Amazon and you can join Mandie on The Insiders where you can ask any question to help increase your success. To learn more about our Founder say “Hi” on her social media all accessible via her website Mandie also has courses aimed at busy business owners from just £7 (everything she does it aimed at helping you make sacks of cash, not spend it!) And you can get a discount on these too as an Insider.

Mandie likes to guarantee everyone to the BWN a warm welcome so look out for this face

Mandie Holgate coach and speaker



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We were named as one of the top 15 resources in the UK for female entrepreneurs by 99 Designs in 2016. And our one of Small Business Saturday Top 100 businesses for 2017 (As featured in The Guardian)

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