After every event we get lots of emails and great comments flying around Social Media telling us what new ideas you have put into action, how many dates you have gained in your diaries and most importantly the business you have gained thanks to attending our events. Our events are not just about networking!

We know it works, but don’t just take our word for it…

​"What has The BWN ever done for me???

Well, apart from the encouragement to stand up in front many strangers (soon to be friends) and chatter about my business, at a moments notice.. ooo scary but boy did I feel brilliant afterwards.

Then there is the behind the scenes help, like the way they will instinctively know who would be a great synergy for your business, and introduces you to each other.

And what about promoting my business even when I am not in the same room as them.

To running fantastic workshops, ones you want to attend, and the coordinators follow up to make sure you continue to get the full benefit, even after the day.

To sum The BWN up – Committed to your business, Ever so friendly, Passionate about life

BWN – Refreshingly different type of networking.

Do I promote The BWN to all the business women I network with, you bet I do. What do I like best about BWN? Come and go as I please, no pressure, can turn up when there is space in my working day. Choose when I go, which workshop will benefit me…make sure I get along to the ones that really do catch my imagination."

​Siobhan Parker

​"​Thanks very much, I enjoyed the event…. lots of positive energy. I’m looking forward to meeting more business partners in the coming months."

​Maureen Ogbu

​"​I really enjoy these events and each time I take something new away with me that I have learnt and some more useful contacts."

​Libby Farmer

​"​​Great Chelmsford meeting on Wednesday,what a buzz round the room and so busy."

​Claire Jakes

​"​​​The BWN is a great tool to network and meet other business women who have opportunities to offer. It is also a place where you can meet new people and make new friends whilst at the same time increasing your business sales!"

​"​​BWN events are always good value. BWN’s aim is always to provide us with the tools to ensure we have successful businesses. Today we considered how we can use the power of storytelling to market our businesses.  Bridget applied her expertise to each of our individual businesses to demonstrate how we can use this in practice in our own business. We also learnt about exciting new BWN developments for 2012, including the webinar on 9th February on how to love your phone and make successful phone calls."

​Jenny Wilding

​"​​​I love the welcoming and pro-active nature of  BWN and hope to attend many more of your events in the future!!

Thanks for hosting an awesome networking event yesterday. What a spectacular event it was yesterday!  So much talent in the one room.  I thoroughly enjoyed my morning in Colchester with you and the other very welcoming entrepreneurs.  I am so inspired and I’m signing up for the Premier Pack.  The BWN is such an asset for women like me who have just taken the very scary step into self employment and running their own business."

​Maggie Johnson

​"​​​​I am more than happy to recommend the BWN. There is always a great atmosphere at the events, and as well as meeting some really lovely business women, it has given me some great ideas for my business. Now that there is the opportunity to promote my business for free on Linked In, its even better! I certainly never expected to end up on YouTube. If you haven’t been along to an event, then you should make sure that you do soon."

​Lorraine Dale

The Power of Networking with BWN

​"​I was searching for an altenative networking group to replace one I had been a member of for some time and having attended a couple of BWN events, I was impressed by how vibrant the meetings were; I always came away feeling uplifted having met several like-minded business women in a friendly and genuine atmosphere, not to mention having the opportunity to listen to some fantastic guest speakers.

Not long after I had signed up for the Business Premier Pack, Mandie (Suffolk Coordinator) had put my name forward to appear on BBC Radio Suffolk to discuss how, at 50, I had overcome previous difficulties and set up my own Life Coaching Practice. Not only was this a great opportunity to explain all about coaching but soon after the interview, I was approached by a local film documentary maker. We met for coffee and discussed the possibility of working on a film documentary to show how coaching had helped 3 of my clients to move on successfully in their lives. Just recently I was approached by the young, freelance cameraman who filmed the documentary and he is now a client of mine!

One cannot underestimate the power of networking; not only might you gain business and recognition for what you do, but you also get the opportunity to meet other business women who are in a similar position to yourself. At BWN, unlike other groups I have attended, there is no hidden agenda. You are encouraged to be yourself and are accepted for who you are and given the chance to share your own business journey, with all its ups and downs."

​Pavlenka Small

​"​​​The Businesswomans Network has been a breath of fresh air to the networking circuit in Essex (and beyond). I have attended lots of different groups around the county – some very formal, some very informal but with The BWN has got the balance just right.

The networking opportunities are relaxed and friendly – ideal for the shy first-time networker – but also productive. The presentations are always relevant, useful and often very innovative, but the USP has to be Mandie Holgate herself. She never fails to inspire, her enthusiasm is infectious and her dedication to supporting women in business is second to none."

​​Louisa Steel

​"​BWN has been a fantastic source of inspiration to me and I look forward to each event.

The BWN is a great tool to network and meet other business women who have opportunities to offer. It is also a place where you can meet new people and make new friends whilst at the same time increasing your business sales!

I’m just getting to know BWN but I’m sure you’ve been beneficial to so many people so keep up the good work!

Yes — I really appreciate what BWN has done for me so far!

You have fantastic enthusiasm – its contagious

I’m so glad I joined the BWN, last week I had a call from a business woman who needed a database and had found me on the BWN website. This network certainly works for me."

​Elene Marsden

​"​I was an early adopter of BWN signing up to the Premier Pack after the first meeting I went to.

It was clear that Mandie had hit upon a winning formula to combine her passion for coaching and business networking for women together. I am not able to get to all of her meetings but am always impressed by the strong calibre of speakers she is able to obtain and the wide variety of topics covered. I remain a strong supporter of the work she does and admire the inspiration and loyalty she generates amongst her followers. Another strong captain for the good ship networking!"

​Sue Hall



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