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Would you like to sponsor this event? £100 includes a 10 minutes speaking slot, exhibitors stand, 1 ticket and business literature on every place setting and online marketing prior and after the event across our social media and digital marketing too. Golden Ticket price £75.

14th February - Joanna Shurety from Shurety Coaching masterclass & productive networking. 


How to find your own path to good health


The path to good health can often feel over complicated or unattainable, especially when juggling a million other priorities.  We often go from one quick fix to another – hoping to find the solution to our weight, energy, body image or relationships with ourselves and others.


However, we are all unique and different and therefore the is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a solution for you, taking into account all those other priorities.


In this presentation, Joanna will focus on the simple steps for optimum health and nutrition that you can take into your everyday lives, that require no extra time, crazy diets or buckets of willpower, so that you feel more in control, more energised and better informed.

14th March - Iain Wicks from Stonehouse Communications masterclass & productive networking. 


Iain Wicks is the founder and Co-Director of Stonehouse Communications Ltd which provides services across the full spectrum of communications including strategic and stakeholder marketing development, marketing services and delivery including multi-channel campaigns and activity, social media management, public relations and project management. He is an entrepreneur and previous business owner with a highly tuned skillset in business development. A track record of delivery against corporate objectives and a sound knowledge of communications including development of media and public relations strategies, event management and fantastic networking skills. A passion for and creative approach to digital media also offers the opportunity to develop brands and reach the right audiences using multi-channel strategies. A member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.


Iain will be speaking about the importance of PR as an important channel to build reputation in the marketplace, how to engage with the media and the skills that you will need to write engaging media releases.

4th April - Speaker tbc masterclass & productive networking. 

9th May - Sarah Travers masterclass & productive networking. 


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​Billericay Coordinator – ​Jenny Sjollema


Jenny Sjollema is owner of PängelsAs co-ordinator of the South Essex Business Womans Network Jenny is as passionate about your business as you are!

Jenny likes to guarantee everyone to the BWN a warm welcome so look out for her face

Jenny Sjollema, Pängels.



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