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15th November & 13th December - 2nd Thursday of every month (missing school holidays).

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Would you like to sponsor this event? £100 includes a 10 minutes speaking slot, exhibitors stand, 1 ticket and business literature on every place setting and online marketing prior and after the event across our social media and digital marketing too. Golden Ticket price £75.

2019 dates

10th January, 14th February, 14th March, 11th April, 9th May, 13th  June,  11th July, 12th September (Celebrating our 5th Birthday!), 10th October, 14th November and 12th December.

13th December - Lisa Hardy, Tropic Skin Care. 

We all know what we should be doing to take care of ourselves everyday, but when deadlines loom, tea needs to be cooked and washing baskets is over flow, its easier to dive into a doughnut and take a nanna nap, than embrace your inner Godess, align your chakras and feel the harmony of the universe running through you via meditation.

Lisa Hardy will share practical tips for daily wellbeing that is easy to build into your daily routine.  Self care has never been so easy!

10th January - Sam Edwards - The 90 Day Planning Club. Can't manage time?


We know what to do, so why don’t we do it?  


We live in a world where we are bombarded with messages about short cuts and secrets to success. It is easy to get pulled off course by shiny new things and distractions. 


In truth, there are no short cuts and there are no secrets.  But, there are some core disciplines that will guarantee success. 


You don’t need to learn what they are, you already know.  


In this presentation Sam will explore some ways of ensuring that we do what we know we need to do, more of the time.  

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​Billericay Coordinator – ​Jenny Sjollema


Jenny Sjollema is owner of PängelsAs co-ordinator of the South Essex Business Womans Network Jenny is as passionate about your business as you are!

Jenny likes to guarantee everyone to the BWN a warm welcome so look out for her face

Jenny Sjollema, Pängels.



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