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Who are BOOBRisk? 

MyBOOBRisk is dedicated to developing world-class medical device software aimed at quantifying and monitoring breast cancer risk. By uniquely combining technological and scientific disciplines, we can bring the reality of eliminating breast cancer closer.

Around 20.0% of all breast cancers are diagnosed in women before they are invited for their first screening mammogram. In many cases, these women, some as young as 20, would have been at a high risk of developing the disease through a set of adverse risk factors, a particular family history, or a highly-prevalent gene mutation, but they have no idea they are at risk or any easily accessible way of finding out.

MyBOOBRisk provides pre-screening women aged 20 and older with a clinically validated, safe and reliable online Personalised Risk Profile in strict adherence to national clinical guidelines. By combining your Personalised Risk Profile with a regular routine of physically checking your breasts, MyBOOBRisk provides the perfect solution to pre-screening breast health care. 

Why did you join the Insiders? 

Contacts, networking, social media exposure, etc.

Who is great to connect with? 

Females wishing to know more about breast cancer risk and those wishing to share and promote breast cancer awareness and early diagnosis, espeically during pre-screening years.

Are any celebs or influencers involved and how have they helped you? 

Not as yet.

What would you love Insiders to know?

How to fully manage their breast health and be more breast cancer aware. Primarily, during their pre-screening years when nothing exists to help women other than regular checking (if you know how).

Early diagnosis is the holy grail of breast cancer treatment.

And we are pleased to say we’ve already got some great ideas, connections and promotion lined up for BOOBRisk.

Great to have you on board!

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