Every professional treated like an individual, the team’s needs honoured, the business sustainably growing.

85% of job success is personality and the ability to lead others and the other 15 % is knowledge of the subject*.

*Dale Carnegie’s said this and we know how to make your employees shine in any situation. Whether it’s networking skills, confidence skills, sales communication or learning how to take great shots for your companies social media accounts. We have you covered.

It is £25 a month per member of staff – with discounts applicable for multiple team members.

“Standing in a court of law is a breeze compared to delivering a 60 seconds pitch!”

Newly qualified solicitor who tells everyone to join The Insiders because it works. They now love networking and bring in new business for their large practice every year!

We know time is money, we know you have deadlines, KPIs and targets. We work hard to make sure you achieve them.

Our members are diverse in profession, industry and size of company. Ranging from public sector, banking and finance, through to cake makers, web designers, artists and photographers. From sole traders to large organisations. And at £25 a month, it’s a low cost way of assessing if it can meet your teams needs.

Why join The INsiders?

1. Fun, productive Networking Opportunities: Connect with a community of like-minded hard working men and women, creating valuable collaborations and partnerships. Our platform offers exclusive networking events, providing a space to share insights, exchange ideas, and grow great relationships. We have a ton of proof that this will enhance your career in just a few hours a month.

2. The finest Training: Stay ahead of the curve with our productive mentoring, training and coaching and trend research. From advancements in your industry to leadership skills, our webinars, strategies and courses are created to empower your staff with the knowledge and skills crucial for personal and professional development. We can build a person’s confidence in 2 days. We can make them amazing public speakers in 7 hours!

3. Agile Adaptive Business Growth: We’re not just about know-how; we’re about growing your organisation. Access resources and strategies designed to enhance your business operations, marketing efforts, and client acquisition, propelling your firm toward new heights of success. We’ve helped Business Development Managers work in new territories globally picking up millions in new contracts!

4. Exclusive Webinars and Events: Engage in thought-provoking discussions led by industry experts. Our webinars cover diverse array of topics, ensuring your team stays informed about the latest legal trends, business strategies, and innovations that can impact your business’s success. We even have stress and wellness experts to ensure your team are emotionally and mentally strong too!

5. Online Brand Awareness: Boost your businesses visibility in the digital world. Our award winning website offers tools and insights to enhance your online presence, ensuring that potential clients can easily find and connect with your expertise. We will actively promote your social media channels, publish you to our award winning site and our newsletter. Yes included in the £25 a month. AND we will train your team in best digital marketing practices!

6. Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: Our online platform is designed for your convenience. Whether in the office or on the go, empowering your team with 24/7 access to a wealth of resources that support their professional growth and contribute to the overall success of your company and you can network 24/7 too. No more 5am starts just to build relationships and your network! You can even stalk and say nothing and still benefit massively!

7. Measure Your Success: We will be as involved or step back as much as you wish. We can write programmes especially for your team, you can access our virtual business courses aimed at business communication, time management, stress, marketing and sales, content creation, resilience, communication skills, networking skills and more!

We know it’s hard to believe that it all starts with £25!

Join a professional community dedicated to the growth and prosperity of corporate businesses like yours. Sign up today and witness the transformative power of The INsiders.

And the best bit?

We have to perform every single month for you and your team, we have no minimum sign up time so we are work hard to deliver exactly what you need 24/7 no matter what your industry and business faces.

Email here to discuss your corporate networking and business training needs.

15 years of award-winning support for you and your business…

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