WHY THE Insiders WORKs

If you need more sales, profit, funding, support for yourself as a boss or leader, your team and your business. Then you need the INsiders!

Flexible Business Networking and Online Training Opportunities Professionals – business men and women, business development managers, business owners, charity workers and those looking to top up salaries with a side business.

When you are juggling busy schedules you need flexible productive networking designed with your busy life in mind.

Our networking events start at 10 am, and you have the flexibility to arrive early or join us a little later.

The structured training and networking starts at 10:10 am, ensuring you have time to check the tech, say hello and add your information to the networking post on the virtual confidential mastermind group too (that way those that can’t make it, can still buy from you!)

in front of investors and on the national stage in 2024
Short on time but need more business? No problem. The structured content is split in two parts.
1st hour – professional structured networking

Focused on ensuring everyone knows you and your business and how you can help. Add your links, events, blog articles, and anything else you want people to know about. We often see sales, leads and new business from the chat box before we even get started!

2nd hour – this is the free online business training and mentoring!

Whether you need business coaching and mentoring, cost effective marketing solutions, business development ideas, customer retention strategies, leadership development, sales communication, marketing strategies with no budget, or ways to increase revenue and sales and help your staff excel in your business. This is hour is like no other training opportunity you can get for you, your business and your staff!

We understand that commitment isn’t always feasible every month. If you find yourself able to attend last-minute, feel free to join us on the day.,

a unique space for business owners

Key Features of our networking and training;

  • Flexible event timings – leave early, arrive late.
  • Structured content that ensures results but delivered in a fun, way that encourages confidence.
  • Networking opportunities beyond the structured section
  • Last-minute attendees welcome
  • Turn up last minute – that’s not a problem.
  • Missed a networking event? Thanks to our online active business community we are often still networking from an event 5 days later. So head to the confidential mastermind group on Facebook (You can’t find it without an invite).
  • Sign up at the bottom of this page for our mailing list and stay informed about upcoming events. We like to meet face to face across the UK too, these are more ad hoc.

What we are known for;

We specialise in low-cost or no-cost business solutions and leadership and communication strategies. Our Founder is the best selling author and coach Mandie Holgate (click here to read more about Mandie)

Mandie has a track record of growing businesses and their teams and brings that knowledge freely to every networking and training event.

New to The BWN / Insiders?
No problem! Our coordinators keep a lookout for newcomers, ensuring you receive a warm welcome. Whether you’re new to networking or our events, friendly business owners and professionals are ready to help you feel at home and benefit from our networking.


You don’t even have to talk if you don’t want to however we’ve a track record of helping shy and introverted professionals feel comfortable and capable no matter what. We can go as slow or as fast in helping you as you want. You can see why employers send us their employees right?

15+ years of award-winning support for you and your business…


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Sponsorship fee – £250 for 2024
Insider rate £150 for 2024
Includes writing for our blog, sponsored banner and links!

We are named as one of the top 15 resources in the UK for female entrepreneurs by 99 Designs.
And our one of Small Business Saturday Top 100 businesses (As featured in The Guardian).

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