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This is another beautiful, thought-provoking read from Insider and London based artist Paola Minekov. It’s interesting how we take colour for granted however this talented artist clearly doesn’t! If you make it to the events below, please do tag us and Paolo on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you.

Seeing Emotions in Shades of Grey

By Paola Minekov 

https://paola.art . @paolaminekov

In my art practice, I constantly explore new ways to express myself through my artwork. 

In other words, I get bored painting in the same way all the time and I like to try out new things. 

The use of colour, however, has been a fundamental element in my work ever since I first realised I could paint. As a child this was a purely intuitive process. As I grew up, colour stayed with me. It can convey emotion, depth and meaning in a painting.

Respectively, if you remove colour from the equation, the challenge of conveying the intended message becomes greater. And who doesn’t like a good challenge?

This is precisely why I decided to paint Undercurrents, my series on relationships and emotions, in a predominantly monochrome colour scheme.

We often associate specific colours with certain emotions or situations, but I wanted to challenge that notion and show that feelings can be conveyed just as powerfully in shades of grey. By removing the distraction of colour, I was able to focus on the true essence of the relationships depicted in my paintings.

The portrayal of lovers, friendship, and the complexities of human emotion were all the more striking in their monochrome simplicity. 

Sometimes less really is more, and I believe this series of paintings proves this point beautifully.

This October, I’ll he exhibiting some of my paintings from the Undercurrents Series at Beyond the Surface, a group show of the South London Women Artists.

Find out more about the exhibition below and let me know if you’d like to visit. 


by South London Women Artists (SLWA)

You are invited to the private view on October 12th, 6pm-9pm

Exhibition runs 13th October –24th October (closed Monday)


The Jeannie Avent Gallery

14 North Cross Road

East Dulwich SE22 9EU

SLWA, a critically acclaimed group of women artists, based in South London, present a diverse and rich collection of work exploring our everyday lives in a new exhibition called “Beyond the Surface”.

“Beyond the Surface” is an exploration of what lies below, or beyond, our initial perceptions of ourselves and others. It’s a journey into imaginative spaces and dimensions which invites the audience to behold the power and intensity of interior worlds, whether mental, emotional, conceptual, or physical. Twelve women artists with work rooted in different cultures, histories, and aesthetic traditions, are represented in this show. 

There is a chance to meet the artists and to attend talks. The show and events are free to attend.

South London Women Artists (SWLA)  https://www.southlondonwomensartists.co.uk

for more information contact info@swla.co.uk

Opening times:

12 Thursday 6-9pm PRIVATE VIEW

13 Friday 10-6pm

14 Saturday 10 – 5pm (intuitive art talk 5-7)
15 Sunday 11- 4pm
16 Monday 1-5pm
17 Tuesday 1-5pm
18 Wednesday 1- 5pm
19 Thursday 11- 5pm
20 Friday 10- 6pm
21 Saturday 10 – 6pm (calligraphy talk 2-2.45 and poetry open mic 3-5)
22 Sunday 11 am 5pm (calligraphy talk 3-5pm)
23 Mon (closed)

24 Tuesday 11- 7pm

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