New Salon Education Journal Launched by Insider Sue Davies

Business owner and Nabuno Founder Sue Davies had a big idea to launch an industry specific magazine that would focus on making every salon profession the success they wanted while being ethical and legal, something that was highlighted in the pandemic.

This week we congratulate Sue and her team on the launch of this new nationwide resource to the industry. Here Sue talks about the magazine. We equally excited that one of the highly sort after UK Experts is our very own Mandie Holgate, Founder of The Business Womans Network. You can read an abridged version of that article on Mandie’s site here. To read the full article sign up to this exciting new publication. Sue will be approaching Insiders for additional voices to add to their expert panel. Another reason to be an Insider.

Salon Education Journal is a new trade publication focusing on education within the salon industry. It is written by professionals and experts for the salon professional.  Whether you are in the beginning of your career, an experienced professional, or an expert, there will be an opportunity to learn and grow further in your knowledge, experience and understanding in vocational skills, mindset and business.

The co-founders of Salon Education Journal have worked together for nearly a decade. Two halves that make a unique collaboration within the salon industry. Sue Davies, award-winning salon expert and professional; Di Hughes, an online marketing, graphic designer, and advertising expert who together have successfully built Nabuno, the salon industry’s first dedicated education platform that connects Learners with verified Education Providers.

“We wanted to create a small digital publication that was available to the members on our Nabuno platform, however, during the planning meetings it became obvious that this was going to be more than just an eight-page periodical provided to just the members. This was an opportunity to create something innovative and accessible that would be available to the whole of the salon industry. An opportunity to create a publication with education at its core, with the salon industry in its heart”.

Something different, something accessible and open to all, led not only by 2 people who work at the heart of the industry full time, but with the right collaborators will become a true voice of the industry – words written by us and our collaborators direct to the audience that needs to read it.

Alongside providing editorial space for industry experts to have a platform to be heard from, we also decided that our advertising packages would be inclusive, affordable, and accessible to smaller brands. We recognise that every business needs to advertise but most entrepreneurial suppliers struggle with the costs of publication advertising and missing this audience completely. Salon Education Journal is different, we welcome smaller advertisers and provide premium space at an affordable price.

Salon Education Journal brings editorial content from over 25 Collaborative Columnists who all represent a different sector or niche that supports the wider salon industry. Industry experts with international experience and with skills and knowledge built over decades. From nails to hair, mindset to retail growth, lashes to qualifications, beauty to team management, aesthetics to marketing.

SEJ will have something for every salon professional no matter what level they are at or what environment they work in there will always be useful take-aways. SEJ isn’t about ‘how to’ or technique building guides, it’s about actionable knowledge to help the audience leverage their skills and grow as professionals whatever stage of their career they are in.

Our advertising ranges from small own brand suppliers through to the bigger brands and distributors but with emphasis on the industry’s brand creators and builders. We have openness and transparency on our advertising packages, no hidden fees, no bargaining, just clear prices that do what they say, so you always know your costs, allowing smaller brands to utilise the benefits of trade print space and plan SEJ into their marketing strategies.

Salon Education Journal is published quarterly and will be in print and digital form. The digital version being fully interactive with links to contributor and advertiser socials or websites. Salon Education Journal has the salon industry at its heart and is about collaboration over competition between industry professionals who have a desire to share knowledge, guidance, and information to educate salon professionals at all stages of their journey.

“SEJ provides a platform that has the keystone of the industry, EDUCATION, as its core function”.

We all need education, whether we are a novice, recently qualified, seasoned pro, educator, or expert. There should always be a continuation of learning as we grow our careers, businesses, and empires. We are new; we are different; and we are looking forward to welcoming salon professionals of all levels in a mutual space where EVERYONE is welcome. The salon industry, and education particularly, is in a time of post-pandemic regeneration.

With ever growing numbers taking their first steps into salon careers and business ownership, it has never been more important to shine the light on good educational resources and choices. “Real content by real industry experts taking readers behind the curtain. A true reflection of the industry – raw, uncut and with a little bit of edge.” We promote advertising packages that are inclusive, affordable, and accessible to smaller brands. We recognise that every business needs to advertise but most entrepreneurial suppliers struggle with the cost of publication advertising and are missing these marketing opportunities.

Salon Education Journal is different, we welcome smaller advertisers and provide premium space at an affordable price. We have listened to readers of industry publications and taken on board comments and observations about the reader experience. SEJ is committed to delivering quality information and articles over business and brand promotion, which is why our advertising space is limited to a lesser portion of our publication.

Salon Education Journal provides: Content that is actionable, educational, informational, inspirational Take-aways to help grow careers, businesses and education venues Access for smaller brands and education companies to talk directly to the reader Inclusivity, diversity and a warm welcome to all Content for all sectors of the salon industry

A magazine free of ‘how-to’ guides, we want readers to choose education routes for skill building Real-life education and career stories from learners, pros and educators Advertising opportunities for all businesses “A successful person or business will eventually fail without new input and ideas and the goal of SEJ is to nurture that requirement’.

Wow you can see why we are excited for Sue and her team can’t you? To get involved message me, email us, tag Sue Davies in a post on the Insiders confidential mastermind group or get in touch with the Salon Educational Journal directly and don’t forget to mention where you saw it first!

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