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Here new member Liz Hutchings, The Style Coach shares why they joined the Insiders, what Liz brings to the community and how we can help her and her business. There’s some great ideas here from Liz on how your appearance can impact on your business success too. We look forward to many more great articles….

Hello everyone,

I’m Liz Hutchings, and I’m genuinely thrilled about the chance to connect with all of you. This journey I’m on involves a lot of learning and growth, especially in the realm of networking and promoting my business. I’m here to absorb your experiences, gather your wisdom, and share my genuine passion for reshaping style and serve those who can benefit from my services. 

At Liz Hutchings Style Coach, my goal is to redefine style as a journey of comfort and self-expression, steering away from the pressures of chasing perfection. To me, genuine style means feeling genuinely at ease in your clothes and skin while authentically reflecting your unique personality.

My specialisation lies in supporting mid-life women to become image confident through personalised styling programs, wardrobe editing, colour analysis, and makeup guidance. My approach is intuitive and geared to empowering women to gain that extra boost of confidence and to find a style that feels comfortably aligned with themselves and their businesses.

As a business owner, looking the part isn’t just about appearance; it’s about confidence and creating lasting impression. When you feel comfortable and aligned with your brand, it saves time, minimises stress, and leaves you organised and ready for any opportunity that comes your way.

Your brand isn’t just about what you offer—it’s about who you are. Your personal style, values, and image should seamlessly align with your brand. That’s where style coaching comes in.

My own journey, transitioning careers in my fifties, taught me the importance of rediscovering your identity and finding an image that truly mirrors your evolving self. That’s why I’m here—to provide a safe space for exploration, helping you discover styles that genuinely resonate with your individuality and empowering you to showcase your best self effortlessly.

The benefits of looking good for business owners:

  • Your appearance speaks volumes about your brand. When your personal style aligns with your brand’s personality and values, it creates an impression that attracts potential clients. 
  • Feeling confident and looking the part not only saves you time and stress when getting dressed but also exudes professionalism and organisation, making a great investment in your business.

Join me in exploring how your style can seamlessly align with your brand, effortlessly radiating confidence.

Looking forward to learning, sharing, and embracing confidence together!

Warm regards

Liz Socials: @lizhutchingsstylecoach

Liz Hutchings

Contact details 

Mobile – 07775 728313

Social media – @lizhutchingsstylecoach

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