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Insiders May Discount Codes – MH Courses

I want to be able to be there when and how you need.

To build your confidence, increase your sales, grow your profit margin, enable you to have an awesome work life balance, achieve what you wish, overcome your fears and be genuinely happy. (Is there something I’m missing? Do let me know.)

That is why I’m giving you these courses for £5 in May. 

(And because I’ve added a plug in that enables me to get reviews and I’d like some!)
Your review doesn’t need to be 5 stars “love it!” Just honest.

I don’t do discounts and I don’t do offers because I work with the people I love, at a fair price and deliver with every fibre of my being, so there’s no need to discount – a little top tip to ask yourself if free/discounts/and offers are working for you?

I’ve been told off by so many business women that my courses are far too cheap – yes that dangerous word!

Even my coach kicked my butt and questioned “What are you playing at?” The reason they are low cost is because I know this stuff works and I want to be there for everyone. And I can’t physically coach everyone can I?

It’s my mission, my passion and my happiness to help you – so do let me know how you get on.

(And ask yourself if you are working on the things that you are passionate with a clear mission and that bring you happiness – the reason I ask this because if you are not it can be very hard to stay motivated, to sell well and increase profit – So another tip to ask yourself.

ACTION; On the Insiders Facebook page you can post additional support requirements, research ideas and questions on the Insiders page and feel free to tag me so that I can assist further.

And if you are attending The BWN I’m more than happy to sit and have a chat before or after the event.

Insiders Fiver Course Codes

I do ask that you do not share the discount codes and don’t forget they run out on the 31st of May 2019.

See which courses you’d like to take here


  • May 12, 2019

Shhh The Secret Keys To Success In 2016

I’m speaking at the University for the Institute of Directors next week and I’ve been asked to share my top tips for networking success. Planning what I will talk about makes me think of my clients and the business women I get to be with at The BWN networking events. And I will share next week the same great stuff I do with you guys all the time. But hey these students will not have me there with them once a month, so what are the most important things I could say to someone that wants success?

And I realised it is the same things that I work with clients on all the time. Ready for the big secrets?

Ready to find out what I think are the keys to your success?

And what is more scary they are things within in our control!

The keys to success are confidence and communication.

I’ve had everyone from CEO’s and start up’s tell me that when they communicate effectively they can get what they want. They can get solutions. Ask the right questions to move their business and success forward.

Many people think that networking is something that you do in a snazzy hotel Business Women's Networkwith coffee and business cards. And yet networking is everywhere. In the queue at the bank, having your nails done, or waiting for a client (all of those have happened to me and delivered a new client.) So the first thing you need to master to be a successful business woman is your ability to communicate effectively.

I bet right about now there are a good few readers saying easier said than done. Okay so I get it can be scary and tricky, but anything you want in life has an element of fear and nervousness attached, its how you know you really want it.

I would also say that every single person that I’ve worked with this year has been coached to communicate effectively. From the business owner that wanted to renegotiate one of their biggest contracts (for more money with less work – and yes they got it!) to the business owner that went to a national conference and targeted the dream contract and yes things are happening! You see communicating what you want is what matters, so find out what you really want, who can help you get it and how to get that message across effectively.

But even more important than communication is…

If you have inner confidence you don’t care if you make a fool of yourself and get it wrong, because getting it wrong is on the road to getting it right, right?

Inner confidence means you have the confidence to go up to that person you know you want to work with and say “Lets talk”.

So my big gift to you this Christmas is to know and accept that you need to boost your Santacommunication and cocnfidence. And I promise with every cell in my body that if you walk through the doors of The BWN events me and my cooridndators will do all that we can to boost your confidence aand success.

Sales, SEO, Marketing, Social media, PR, Awards, Profit, Time Management, Vision and Mission Statements, Phone and Public speaking fears, branding, Business structure and strategy can all be learnt, but without communication skills and confidence, you will always be able to undermine your success. So let’s power up your success today.

I’ve had so many women say to me “Mandie I can’t do it.” and even if I don’t coach them I’m there for them, and we chat and I share ideas at The BWN and what do you know, suddenly they can do it and they do. Your success deserves that too!

See you soon and Merry Christmas and here’s to a very profitable successful 2016

Stick around aand we could make that happen for you too!

Mandie HolgateMy name is Mandie Holgate and as founder of The BWN, everything that enables success for business women matters to me and I will share it with you. Attracting some of the best speakers in Europe. Yes there are other networks, but ours is the most powerful motivator and supporter of success in Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. Our business women, venues and speakers tell us that this is true, I can’t wait to help you too.

  • December 10, 2015