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Why I’m bringing The BWN to Warwickshire!

Warwickshire networking with amanda miller at The Business womans networkWhen we launched The BWN 10 years ago we thought we would just help North Essex business women learn new skills, meet likeminded business women and most importantly gain new business. We never thought we would end up at the House of Lords, Downing Street, in the media all the time and now in 6 counties! So when Amanda Miller from Monat Hair and Home Spa got in touch, we were as excited as Amanda was!

Here Amanda talks about her own reasons for launching her own businesses, do get in touch to learn more about our exciting launch!

What made you set up your business?

I’ve always wanted to help people and having tried a number of different professional job roles mainly in finance and mortgages specifically, I found that although I enjoyed customer service I wanted to assist individuals to find what it was that they needed. Hence I looked specifically at helping women to feel confident and happy within themselves. Particularly within a corporate role; the role of non-managerial women is overlooked and they are ignored or ill-treated. I’ve been exploring how to do this on a part-time basis whilst working in a number of corporate training jobs and adding to my skills base for the last 20 years. Now I have time to redefine the services that I offer.

What I love about
running my own business is getting feedback from women who I have helped to
make a difference in how I feel about themselves. Rather like my training role
when I ran personal development courses, I love to see their progression and

What I hate most
about running my own business is those days on end when I’m talking to myself
and not being able to be part of a team with a focus on the goal to achieve.
I’m not particularly motivated by financial goals and am an expert at

The benefits I get
from networking
are similar to a well-run team meeting: if everybody is
supporting each other and not just there for a natter and a cup of coffee! I
used to run The downtown women’s club of
MetroWest Boston (USA)
which was great for meeting businesswomen and learning
from them I am hoping that business women’s network is going to exceed that.

I think my greatest
is possibly listening to other people and being inquisitive to learn
new things. Im also good in a crisis!

I wanted to become a member of The BWN because I think we need it here in the West Midlands. There are many networking groups for mummies that focus on working around children and far less for business women who own their own businesses. Having run the downtown women’s club in Boston I miss it. I also want to build professional contacts locally and have been inspired by what you’re doing in Essex, North London, Norfolk and Suffolk.

I’m really looking forward to launching The Business Womans Network in Warwickshire in January 2020, if you’d like to learn more have a chat my number is 07805 835581

My email is manda.miller@virgin.net or amanda@amandajmiller.co.uk

And you can check out what I do on my site www.amandajmiller.co.uk

I can’t wait to welcome you. Sign up to our main newsletter to hear about our first event and get in touch personally to join my mail list for just Warwickshire events. I can’t wait!

  • November 23, 2019