Week 12 to 15 recap – Insiders discussions, training and support you missed

We round up what you may have missed on the INsiders here every few weeks so if you are mega busy you can still learn new ideas, trends and training AND not miss out on new members and networking opportunities too.

22nd May – Face to Face networking. Essex/Suffolk border.

https://fb.me/e/1EONIgr6R There is space for one sponsor if you would like to know more – https://www.thebusinesswomansnetwork.co.uk/sponsor-a-bwn…/

If you go to the FB event and post you are attending (Or if you are too far away and at the virtual events) do add your links so that everyone gets to know who you are.

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17th May – How to sell to the big retailers!

Appreciating what you excel at and not just concentrating on what you are failing at. The benefits of to business and personal growth.

Going in too many directions and how to focus on what is important.

Strapline advice for business owner. Did you know ours is “As passionate about your success as you are.”?

Radio interviews – what to never do, definitely do and is worth remembering if you want to be invited back.

Mapping out the products and services you offer so customers and potential clients can see the benefits.

Business card advice. What words, images, why and how.

Profit margin advice. In association with the ever so popular FAST Solutions for Small Businesses with Big problems course. Learn more here and get your 50% discount as an INsider and see the post from the 14th April for 7 considerations many forget!

Copywriting advice. What should it say, in what order and why? Remember our members are from every industry including finance, legal and professional services and our members stand by their advice. Some stranger on social media won’t!

Flaws – accepting them or removing them.

Mandie Holgate asked for reviews of her books here

Role models, why they can be useful to professionals, leaders and business owners. How to use that knowledge and work with your expertise.

Using reels with a great example from one member. Click here to view.

Property businesses – we’ve a few on the INsiders including, estate agents, letting agents and holiday let companies.

Networking post 12th April for those wanting to keep up to date with members.

Choosing which interviews for podcasts, editors, journalists to agree to and why.

How to relax. And it’s important for business.

Mortgage broker advice.

A good respectful debate on if it is harder for women to reach their goals. Watch out for Mandie’s rant on mindset, limited beliefs and self confidence. It’s a good one!

How a live on Facebook led to new business and it was just dancing!

Handling bereavement and staying professional.

How many of these are you consistently using? Consistent!

A strategy for productivity and profitability courtesy of Mandie, so if you nick it, we know you farmed it from!

  • Only do the hardest thing first.
  • The money making thing second.
  • The scariest thing third.

How to get the most out of the INsiders;

For anyone that struggles to find what you need on the INsiders, you can always always ask us. This place for your business is huge and you’d not attempt to do 5 degrees at once would you so don’t try and do it all at once.

Work out what you need and if you need advice on how to get started either;

  1. Tag Mandie Holgate in a post.
  2. DM Mandie and then we can do something for you here but you will remain confidential.
  3. Or email us and we can do the same as Number 2.

When looking for content we’ve covered in the past and experts we’ve recommended for you to work with use the magnifying glass in the top right of the page on laptop and at top of page on mobile device. Includes images to find what you need.

Taking advantage of what’s on offer, how to handle those customers that take too much for too little.

Using Claude and Chat GPT.

Light demo in online interviews, networking and training video’s. Courtesy of Lancashire Business owner John Bentley Photographer. Thank you.

If social media disappeared how would you grow your business? A good conversation with 128 views and 44 comments raising awareness to overuse of social media and other practical ways to grow a business. 4th April.

Requests for interviewees for podcasts and private groups.

Instagram advice.

Building a new private community what to consider, language to use. Tone to set. Why and how.

Winning awards and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Consideration of Canva’s trademark policy.

A Mandie challenge; I give you £10,000 to grow your business or career. What do you spend it on? This has had 134 views and 69 comments and finishes with a big realisation on what’s really standing in your way! April 3rd.

New members;

  • Maria Arkell from Pebble Designs.
  • Athena from Aegis Film Productions.
  • Paula MacGregor.
  • Doctor Paul Darbyshire from My BoobBisk Ltd.
  • Carol Eves Material Moves.
  • Wobbly Pins.

Sales mountain video training. 3rd April. How you miss out on and what to do overcome the gaps in your marketing and services.

Journaling for business and mindset and wellbeing.

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