14 signs your follow up is screwing with your networking success

I see people damaging their networking success every month with these mistakes, check if you are guilty of any of these and work out what strategies would work better for you and your follow up process.

Not following up. I often hear “I don’t know what to follow up with and say. I don’t want to sound salesy.” It kind of defeats the object doesn’t it that you are networking to sell and yet you are frightened to discuss the things you sell?

You don’t need to be salesy. If someone said “That sounds interesting” then tell them more. No hard sell. Something like “As promised here’s the information regarding that XXX we discussed. If you’d like to know more, or I can help in any way, I’m happy to.” Because you are aren’t you? See how good follow up is just an extension of the conversation?

Leaving it too long. Follow up must be within that golden 48 hour period because if it isn’t your business card is disappearing on their desk and your name is suddenly not so important as it was 2 days ago. The only time you get away with it being longer is if you told that person at the event that you’d not be following up until X. I’ve done this and guess what? It builds trust, because you did exactly what you said you’d do. Remember we buy from people we like, know and trust.

Too much info! When you do so many things it can be hard to know what to say can’t it? If they’ve asked for information then that’s different to a polite “Great to meet you and see you again soon follow up style.” Personally I’d always mention I’ve followed them on LinkedIn, Facebook and or Instagram and if my network or knowledge can help, please do not hesitate to say. I’m happy to help. See that reinforcement that you are a nice person who isn’t going to sell at them? Imagine networking with 30 people and everyone sells in an email? You won’t get read, you won’t get remembered and you damage your chance of building a relationship.

Get personal….good networkers follow up, so make your follow up personalised to that one person. Remember something you talked about and reference it. Send them that recipe for peanut butter fudge you laughed over. It’s not about selling, remember networking is about getting remembered and liked.

Me! Me! Me! Most follow up is all about how brilliant that business is, and how brilliant it was to meet me and how brilliant they are, did they mention how brilliant they are and how many people like me they’ve helped. Think about how you can be useful, relevant and interesting to that person. If you’ve done my How to Sell in 60 Seconds course you will know how important that is.

Just the once. How many great conversations have you had with a networker and then let the trail go cold as they didn’t respond to that one email? Your email could have ended up in their spam folder. They could have read it but not actioned it. (We all know someone like that!) Your follow up is like your sales funnel – it needs to have a flow to it, it needs to consider where and how people fall out of the sales process and what will get them back in there! If you’ve done my marketing courses you will know the importance of this and how much money is lost in dropped sales!)

Relying on email. Remember if that lead is like me they are getting hundreds of email every day. You can easily get lost, so what other routes do you have to stay connected? Commenting on their posts on Instagram? Joining the same groups on LinkedIn?

Not using that phone!!! Oh this is a pet peeve! How many have had amazing conversations and then rely on an email to progress the conversation! Phone them. There’s etiquette to good phone calls. And I can teach them another time, for now remember to be respectful of their time. Acknowledge they may hate phone calls, stick to time and most importantly start by asking for permission to talk – amazing how many fail to do this!

No call to action. What has worked in the past to engage and encourage a relationship that leads to business? What call to action could you use in your follow up? And if you don’t know ask me on our confidential mastermind and business growth community. I’m happy to help. Have you noticed that? My reminder that I’m happy to help. What do you want to be remembered for? What can people rely on you to be and do?

Changed your tune. You’ve got to match everywhere. How you are at networking events can’t be different on LinkedIn or Facebook. You may discuss different things on each platform, however are you consistent with your style of communicating, branding, voice? If not this often damages the ability to connect. They probably couldn’t put a reason to it but the psychology of sales teaches us that the subconscious gets in on the actions and hates inconsistencies.

Don’t ask, don’t get. We connect better with people who we feel emotionally connected to. The Harvard Business Review discovered that connected customers are 52% more valuable. We will even put up with poor products if we feel emotionally connected to that product or service. That’s a big reason the big brands market even after they’ve got your business. So to assist with that emotionally connection be helpful and ask for help. Studies show that asking for help can assist with relationship growth as much as giving help!

Proof. I like connecting people. I’m always thinking “Which INsider would this help?” and I will go out of my way to make sure those relationships get started even that INsider was not in the room. This not only helps my members to know that I’m actively working on their behalf, it also helps INsiders, tell other people why they are members. Instead of you talking about how amazing your business, get a customer to do it for you. I often CC in an INsider who is useful to that new connection and will add “I hope this is a great connection for you both and XXX you can tell XXX why you love the INsiders for yourself, your team and business. See you soon.”

The most important thing is to be genuine. Genuine in who you are – you will get caught out if you aren’t! Genuine in what you say, genuine in what you do, genuine in wanting to build relationships. Great networkers can see through the phoniness fast!

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