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Whether you are looking to appear on a stage in front of thousands, get your own column in a newspaper or get a celebrity to turn up at your event, we’ve a track record for helping businesses like yours get what they want to assist with sustainable growth. Soulla Christodoulou is a great example of an amazing Insider who not only is excelling at Free PR, Soulla is also an active attendee at our online virtual networking and business growth events. Here Soulla shares some more marketing inspiration….

Sometimes a little boldness, a push out of your comfort zone and serendipity come together to create the perfect opportunity for a little PR.

Soulla Christodoulou felt the benefits of all three recently when her writing life and her newly released novel, A Palette of Magpies, was featured in an article in the Cypriot newspaper, Parikiaki.

‘I briefly met the CEO of the newspaper coincidentally while discussing my participation in the 1st Bicommunal Cypriot Festival in north London on Sunday 8th October, 2023.

I then recognised him and said hello at the event and quite unlike me, boldly mentioned how I would love to be featured in the newspaper ahead of my book’s release at the end of the month. And then it happened. I submitted a feature with two photographs (compressed zip files as Mandie had once previously mentioned) and two weeks later the article was out.’

This has taught me three things: be ready to say hello and meet new people, push yourself to be bolder than perhaps you might usually be and be ready to grab every opportunity.

I did and I am so glad!’

If you haven’t got your copy of the book, you can order it on Amazon or on a number of good bookstores online, including Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, Foyles and even on The Business Womans Network website here.

If you love this best selling author and business woman as we do, please do connect and let Soulla know where you found her beautiful books.


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