How to get your blog seen, loved, read and creating sales!

You’ve written your first blog and now you need to work out how to get it read. If you spend hours writing your blogs its frustrating that no one comments on your social media posts about it. That no one shares it. And don’t even following the link in your newsletter. Gutting right?

Over on the Insiders, I’ve just shared a blog article in the Knowledge to help you get your blog seen and loved, followed and shared! And bear in mind I actually feel very confident to say that I know what I’m talking about here. It’s led to me being asked to write a book for the UK’s leading non-fiction publisher, which continues to be one of their top 3 sellers for travel reading, being asked to be a featured blogger for 2 international publications and lots of clients for my coaching, courses, BWN events and books as well various great speaking engagements too. So I know this works, you just have to actually do what I suggest.

If you are an Insider head to The Knowledge or the secret confidential Facebook page now for the full story. For those not signed up yet, here is a very abridged version of how to get your blog seen and loved to get more lovely sales.

Where is it?

It needs to be on your website (those reasons are on the Knowledge) but if that’s not an option for you WordPress, Blogger, etc is better than not having one.

LinkedIn also has a useful feature that enables you to blog within your profile. 

Obviously, talk about through your social media platforms but if you are the equivalent of selling your blog at people stop it, it’s not going to work.

If you have a mailing list, don’t share the whole thing, just put something like “A client had the issue ………. so I shared this great solution and so I thought I would share it with you too. To read more…….”

Remember in this fast paced world everyone wants instant answers so sharing little useful titbits makes you a very useful golden nugget to keep in touch with – what’s that going to do to your sales and business growth?

Tell people about it in every form of your marketing in a useful relevant informative way ALL OF THE TIME. People make the mistake of assuming you can tell someone once on Twitter and that will get you a thousand hits – it won’t! You need to be consistent.

And don’t make the mistake of writing in a different style to your normal on line voice, it puts people off.

These ideas will work, I have a ton more to share but get this right for starters, be consistent and you will see positive results and a great impact on your business.

I will also share a webinar on this subject of what to write, how to write it and how to get it seen on The Insiders too. If you have personalised questions you wish to ask, just say.

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