Best Selling Author and Business Owner, Soulla Does it Again!!!

While Soulla Christodoulou has been a member for a few years now, many will not know that Soulla joined our community of business owners and professionals after sending our Founder a heartfelt letter and book when Mandie Holgate’s Husband was very ill. Soulla told us “I’ve been writing personalised notes to people who are going through Cancer for a while now and it leads to the most beautiful conversations, I never realised it could lead to the Insiders!

Not only is Soulla an active member and networker, being a best selling author Soulla is generous with her advice to help others achieve writing goals too. So Mandie Holgate as a best selling author of non fiction and Soulla as a best selling author of beautiful Mediterranean fiction are there for you too. The love for Soulla’s new releases on the Insiders is very real with many members buying a copy the day it hits the virtual book shelves. As always for all of our author members, please do let them know where you heard about their book and the best way to show love for an author is to send reviews! Amazon and Google are the holy grail of author reviews! Here Soulla tells us about the beautiful touching story of A Palette of Magpies…

“I’m celebrating my next release: A PALETTE OF MAGPIES and it’s LIVE FOR PRE ORDER! 

“Life’s lessons bring a community together heralding change, acceptance and forgiveness on the journey to happiness. When Judith, a retired art teacher, returns to her childhood home in the Cotswolds, her twilight years claustrophobically loom monotonously in front of her.

Out of the blue postcards of magpies land on Judith’s doormat, each hand-painted image, in turn, portraying a line from the well-remembered magpie nursery rhyme. And so, a little apprehensively, she is carried on a journey of rediscovery, unlikely connections, and renewed hope. Maybe the village is not so sleepy after all. And with her closest friend, Louise, encouraging her to pick up her art, and life again, she is enticed out of the doldrums of retirement.

Nudged by the arrival of each postcard Judith reconnects with her inner compassion interprets them as a sign to seek out those in the village who most need her help and, to face her past. She builds new friendships and discovers, with a bubbling excitement, passion and purpose and relaxes into her new role as an unlikely confidant to many. Her retirement, she realises, isn’t the end but the start of something new. But who is sending the cards and when will they reveal themselves, if at all, and when she strikes up a romance with a long-forgotten school friend will she too, at last, find happiness.

After all, that’s what we all want in life, isn’t it? Relax into a world of laughter, romance, unexpected friendships and a host of life’s highs and lows along the way.”

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And, if you’re looking to write your own story and are not sure where to start I offer a writing and mentoring service through my website, Writing For Life, as well as a whole host of other writing services for business and individuals.

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