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So it’s wonderful to share that not only has Soulla had great success with local and regional press, now her exceptional fiction takes her into the national press! Congratulations Soulla, read on for the full story.

Soulla Christodoulou is a published author of five women’s fiction novels. Her most recent release, A Palette of Magpies, has been featured in The Sun on Sunday’s Fabulous Magazine Fabulist.

‘One question, I get asked the most is “Where does the inspiration for the stories you write come from?”

To be honest, it can come from anywhere but as a starting point for anyone wanting to have a go at writing I will share five sources with you.’

5 PLACES TO… find inspiration! 

1. Don’t stay where you are. Take a walk somewhere you haven’t been before or take a different route to the one you usually take on a walk or take the same walk but at a different time of day. What’s different? What stands out and why? The setting for A Palette of Magpies was inspired by a Sunday walk with friends in The Cotswolds.

2. Turn on the television and choose a genre of film you wouldn’t usually watch. If you love romance, watch sci-fi. If you enjoy comedy, watch drama. At the end of the film write down three places, three desires, three fears, three tastes that the film brings to mind. Use these observations to create a short piece of writing or poetry.

3. Listen to a podcast or watch a blog around a subject you’re not too familiar with but have always wondered about. I recently followed a masterclass by Es Devlin and I loved how her design for huge stages in opera and theatre and concerts crossed over with my discipline of writing fiction.

4. Strike up a conversation with someone you have never met before and see where it takes you. I spoke to the father of the groom at a family wedding and our conversation has stayed with me ever since. His life story was fascinating and brought me to tears. You never know what a person has gone through or how his life has tried and tested him. Other people’s lives can be an incredibly rich source of inspiration and open us up to so many new ideas.

5. Create three writing prompts, from three different lines of three different books chosen at random: take the first line on pages 15, 69 and 147 or the last line on pages 91, 123 and 248 and write what comes into your head. Free-flow writing is the best way to do this. Set a timer for 3-5 minutes and just write whatever comes into your head using each line to jump start you.

I hope you’ll have a go at one or more of these exercises. Let me know how you get on and if you’re looking for someone to support your creativity or fiction writing on a regular basis, let’s talk. My rates start at £50 per hour.


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Thank you for sharing your exciting news Soulla but it doesn’t stop there!

Can you help Soulla with an exciting book to film project?

Soulla features in the Eleftheria London Greek Newspaper talking about her plans to turn one of her amazing books into a film. Can you help spread the word and make this a reality?

If you have connections, advice or ideas on additional investors please do email Soulla direct, us or discuss this on the Insiders. Thank you.

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