The Barn Brasserie,Brook Rd, Great Tey, Colchester CO6 1JE

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What to expect at an INsiders networking and business growth event;

We guarantee a warm welcome on the door (Look out for Mandie Holgate – she looks like this.) and will have a clipboard!

You are under no pressure to perform. If you are nervous or sending your staff to us to network on your behalf you can email us here and we will ensure they feel supported and are prepared. We have a 15 year track record of creating effective, happy, confident networkers who speak powerfully at every opportunity!

Arrive at 10am and freely network – we will point out the refreshments – one cup each. Enjoy. This is a chance to say hello to INsiders you know, meet new people, help the nervous looking ones feel relaxed and get to know people.

10.15am – Please take a seat – don’t sit with someone you know. You are here to meet new people and grow your network!

Promo slots – The first 60 business owners, professionals and charities to book their tickets will receive a 60 seconds elevator pitch slot. Don’t know what that is, click here.

Priority will be given to INsiders. Not a member? Learn more here. Please keep to time (60 seconds) so we have time to freely network again afterwards.

11.15am The Power Hour – in this hour Mandie Holgate will facilitate/mentor you to share what support you need, ask for help and share your expertise with the audience. Don’t feel pressured to say anything, you can sit back and relax if you’d rather and take in the business advice and ideas.

Didn’t get to ask for help? Don’t panic head to the INsiders confidential mastermind group and start a conversation or add your thoughts to existing posts sparked from this hour. Don’t forget we do this nationally once a month in our virtual event too.

12.15pm – Time to freely network again.

Staying for lunch? Many of us are, ideally email us here so we can ensure you get the generous 10% discount The Barn Brasserie have offered our members.

  • Don’t feel you need to put your phone away at our events! Tag us in posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter (we are old school!) and Facebook so we can ensure we are following you, like your post, comment and help you get some social media love!
  • Head to the confidential mastermind group (hosted via FB) and add your links to the Networking post that will be there. Remember our members are from Scotland to Italy! And yes they do business together.
  • If you are worried about anything text Mandie on 07989 935556 so she can look after you.
  • Don’t want to talk? That’s fine, there’s zero to deliver a 60 seconds promo slot. Just let us know.
  • Sponsor this event – £250 includes a 10 min your success. IN

Your Cheerleader & Coordinator – Mandie Holgate

Founder of The Business Womans Network, now know as the INsiders (as we have welcomed business men for many years), Mandie Holgate hosts our events as well as being a Coach to busy Business Owners and hosting privately funded training programmes for businesses in areas of Confidence, Achieving your goals, Creativity, Marketing & Sales, Business Growth, Public Speaking, Focus, Accountability, Leadership, Networking, Reputation, Resilience, Business Communication, Time Management, Motivation & Bloggin.

Mandie is a powerful professional speaker who really gets her audiences thinking and changing their actions having spoken for national conferences and is often in the media speaking about business success as well as areas such as work life balance and serious illness and successful business.

To learn more about our Founder say “Hi” to her social media all accessible via her website

Mandie’s books can be ordered on Amazon and you can join Mandie on The Insiders where you can ask any question to help increase your success. To learn more about our Founder say “Hi” on her social media all accessible via her website 

Insiders get a 50% discount on Mandie’s courses aimed at busy business owners, leaders, charities and professionals.

Mandie likes to guarantee everyone to our networking events a warm welcome so look out for this face

Hate 60 seconds elevator pitches? This could fix that!

Mandie Holgate corporate head shot


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