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You’re very busy so let’s jump to what you missed so far this June for your business success.

Did you win? 
We had over £5000 of prizes to celebrate our 15th birthday. Congratulations to Sarah Travers, Sue Tetley, Helen Watson, Sue Davies, Paola Minekov, Stephanie Blythe and Kate Bunn. It’s not a fix that our business men didn’t win! Check out here the generous prizes

LinkedIn know how
How many are on LinkedIn but not getting sales out of it? This month on the INsiders we explore and mentor on how to fix this.

Understand Data protection/UK GDPR
It’s worrying to see businesses still make mistakes here. It’s been a hot topic on the INsiders where you can access free advice to stay legal and safe.

Project management platforms
Working how you worked 5 years ago is not only unproductive it damages profits so we discuss what’s right for you.

Customer service excellence
Mandie features on The Salon Inspectors podcast talking about the customer experience. 
You can listen here. 

Sales were made before the event ended. Standard INsiders networking!
If you missed our Face to face event, you missed a packed event that led to sales at the event. Business owners from 6 counties and 200+ members still networking weeks later! 
See the pictures here.

14 signs your follow up is screwing with your networking success

Networking for July is the 17th, 10am. 
Free to all members, we also have networking discussions to ensure you make sales. Some members make sales every month! 
Learn more here.

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We have no minimum sign up period.We guarantee results.
And know that if you put in a little effort the potential is out of this world!
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