Top Chef’s ideas for business growth

Never did we think we’d say a trendy piece of kitchen paraphernalia would be a great analogy for what every small business owner needs, however top UK Chef, business man and Insider Paul Boorman shares here his love for the Thermomix and what that’s got to do with your small business.

Paul first started networking with us over 8 years ago. He spoke at an Essex event about time management and lessons from the Kitchen for small businesses and has been sharing advice and support for business owners and Insiders ever since!

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Boost Efficiency and Delight Customers With the Thermomix

As a small business owner, you juggle a million tasks and work round-the-clock to make your business thrive. But what if one appliance could save you time, money, and impress customers? Enter: the Thermomix.

This innovative multi-cooker makes food prep efficient, consistent, and cost-effective – things every busy entrepreneur needs. Keep reading to see how the Thermomix can benefit your small business.

Save Time With Automated Cooking

Preparing food takes time. Lots of it. From chopping, simmering sauces, and kneading dough – you or your staff are stuck doing repetitive tasks. The Thermomix eliminates this mundane work. It chops, stirs, steams, weighs, grinds, and more at the touch of a button. Just program it and voila – perfectly cooked dishes every time. Now your team can focus on value-added tasks.

Increase Consistency and Quality

Ever have multiple staff members prepare the same recipe but it comes out differently each time? The Thermomix eliminates this inconsistency. Thanks to precise timers, temperature regulation, and automated functions, each dish comes out uniform no matter who preps it. Your customers will notice and appreciate the consistently delicious flavours.

Save Money in the Long Run

While the Thermomix requires an upfront investment, it pays dividends over time. You’ll save money by making items in-house instead of buying pre-made. Think oat milk, sauces, yogurt, soups, breads, and more. The Thermomix pays for itself over and over through cost savings.

Access Recipes and Inspiration

Lack recipe ideas for your menu? The Thermomix gives you access to its extensive recipe database. Browse thousands of dishes, get inspired, and easily program them into your Thermomix. You can also take virtual cooking classes to constantly learn new skills.

Improve Workplace Culture

Using new tech and learning new skills keeps your team engaged. And they’ll appreciate the time saved on grunt work so they can focus on more rewarding tasks. Having a Thermomix in the kitchen creates excitement and positivity.

As a business owner, there’s a million one things to do every day, knowing what to cook is a time saver. Zuckerberg like many uber successful billionaires cites taking mundanes tasks out of their head saves them a ton of time. What could a time saving device do for your business / head space / success.

I’m an active member of the Insiders and have helped grow a lot of hospitality businesses and the teams behind them, so feel free to mention me on the Insiders and I will be happy to share ideas, my love of good cheese and how to free up time for your business. It’s what Insiders do right?”

Absolutely Paul, thank you for sharing your thoughts on money saving, brain sparing devices to free up time for busy business owners. If you’ve got a top tip, strategy or advice you’d like to share with our members, readers, professionals, and business owners, you can for free as an Insider. Learn more and sign up here.

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