Public Speaking – How to be a compelling public speaker and communicator. Even if you hate it!


20 years ago I was petrified of public speaking and I knew it would screw over my chance of success in business and my dream to become a best selling author if I didn’t fix it.

I found the best speaking experts in the world who fell in love with my journey and would even turn up to hear me speak they were that impressed!

From incapable of a 60 seconds elevator pitch to loving any opportunity to speak. I will guide you through how to excel at communication.

Meetings, zoom presentations, public speaking, investor meetings. My strategies work and I’ve a lot of very happy clients to prove it.

I don’t hold back with my personal and professional development courses – you get everything you need to excel.

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Whether you want to be paid to speak.
Want to overcome your excruitangly fear of public speaking.
Or need to do it for business.
This course has EVERYTHING you need to excel!

Broken down into easy to action modules that cover everything you need to communicate powerfully wherever you go – public speaking will never be an issue again. It’s a promise I don’t make lightly.

Modules include;

  • Your purpose for speaking.
  • How to overcome your public speaking fear.
  • Your natural style of communicating and why it’s essential to know.
  • Building communication Confidence.
  • How to act.
  • How to breathe.
  • How to speak.
  • How to act.
  • How to use your body.
  • How to structure your communication – even if you don’t know what to say!
  • The right words – and the dangerous ones you should never use.
  • What audiences love and hate and how to get them hooked.
  • Equipment.
  • How to get paid speaking engagements.

Work at your own pace. Rely on my support 24/7 through the Insiders here.

All courses can be delivered as one day – 6 week training programmes for your team. Contact me for further details.