How to rocket your confidence in a weekend


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According to the Rose review 60% of women put off starting their own business due to a lack of confidence.

Boost this and it could be worth over £250 billion to the UK economy alone.

And it’s not just women, nearly 60% of men admitted feeling like they weren’t up to their job!

I see a lack of confidence impact on profits, sales and business success all the time and before I will build a marketing strategy or business plan i check the clients confidence levels.

It is critical to success.

A coaching session should be able to take one hour if a client is up against the clock and so I want to imagine you have a big day coming up.

I want to help you feel that internal confidence that says “I can do this” I’ve got this in the bag!” When your confidence is boosted you feel like you can achieve more. Complete this course and it’s like having your own mini cheerleaders right by your side reminding you that this can happen!

Imagine a big opportunity coming up;

  • Maybe a meeting with a great client
  • The opportunity for a dream contract
  • Maybe the job that you’ve always wanted
  • You want to ask someone to consider working with you
  • You want to step up, speak out and say clearly and succinctly what you want.
  • A conversation that needs to go really well.
  • Asking for what you want, and getting it!

Whichever it is, in this easy to action course I want you to get results fast, and not just get them fast, remember them and be able to activate them again and again and again, so that whenever you feel your confidence dropping you know how to boost it back up again!

With every client from teenagers to senior citizens, from CEO’s and Business owners to professionals I always look to establish the right level of confidence, because without confidence you can damage the results you get in every area of your life!

This course is just the right size to be able to make up the foundations to your success, ensuring you introduce the skills you will learn in this course to every area of your life. Shall we get started? What have you got to lose….or better still what could you look to gain?