Putting your prices up – more profit!

Here Insider and top UK chef Paul Boorman from White Label Detroit Pizza tells us how the free coaching from Founder Mandie Holgate in the Insiders has had a profound impact on his business and profits in 2022 and how it has changed what 2023 will be looking like (hint, really good!)

“I thought I had priced my 2 businesses (White Label Detroit Pizza and Fine Dining in your Own Home) bang on but I wasn’t seeming to get much in the way of regular business. As things went I had something else to focus on, and I kept hearing Mandie’s voice telling me that I wasn’t charging enough. It seemed like a good idea, price myself too high that I wouldn’t get much business to distract me and if I did then it would be worth my while.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting any takers although I still felt hesitant when I sent those first few responses to the enquires that did come in. It was a complete shock that they didn’t bat an eyelid! They did not question the increased prices at all!

This left me in a bit of a pickle really because the extra work was beyond what I could managed, so I outsourced the work. When the question came in as to if i would be in attendance at the fine dining experiences, I explained that one of my team would be taking care of them, again no eyelid batted!

(And that had been a real worry for me. The business was built off the back of people knowing my fine dining. I am renowned for sourcing the finest ingredients and delivering an evening that is gourmet food, fun and entertaining (unless they want to pretend they cooked it themselves, then I’m like a magic elf – yes, I even do the washing up (very quietly!)

What really baffled me was the response from many when they knew I wouldn’t be attending was ‘How much for you?’ which stumped me again!

So now I am working on a new price scale*, if you want a MasterChef then you need to pay for a Masterchef. It gave me the confidence to increase the menu prices as well as the labour costs.

The great news that really matters to me since I have been in the industry for many years and know how hard chefs work (and the struggles they face) is that I can outsource work which means I can support other chefs whilst getting a nice little side hustle income. All while I build White Label Detroit Pizza which started the year in a couple of venues and our own kitchens in Central Essex and now sees us in 8 locations in Essex and Suffolk, with more satellites wanting to come on board in other counties too!

Now I have some good contacts set up for next season, to the point of needing another couple of good chefs!

I wish I had taken Mandie’s advice earlier, but better late than never…”

Paul describes himself as Master Chef of Great Britain, Master Craftsman of Worshipful Company of Cooks, Craft Guild, Chief Bottle Washer and Owner of White Label Detroit Pizza Ltd Click here to get your taste buds woosy with cheesy love. We describe him as an important member of The BWN Insiders and we value his input and support of our members.

Mandie Holgate (our Founder) added “I see this all the time, a limiting belief on earning potential and what business owners think people will pay impacting on profit margins, marketing message and business potential. People will talk about money mindsets but I think they rarely appreciate how what you think impacts on what you get.

However it’s not enough to think a good money mindset – you need to make sure you have the right action plan, communicating to the right audience(s) and consistently deliver what they want – then it is almost like magic how easily you can increase profit (and reduce stress and wasted hours on social media!) while getting in good quality leads, sales and repeat business.”

One of the tools Mandie shares with the Insiders is the Sales Mountain. It is what many Insiders will be using to look at increasing profits in 2023. (See below). Then they use the Finding your target audiences and get them buying course and the Marketing Production Line course to make sure it works – Insiders get a 50% discount on our courses. Please note the cost of the INsiders increases to £20 in 2023. All existing members will pay their historic rate.

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