Remove should from your dictionary

The word “should” I have always had a problem with. I should wash the floors, I should answer my emails, I should fill in that form, I should wash the car. There is no fun in the word what so ever. So recently I decided to get rid of it, with great results. Maybe you would like to try it too, to give you a taste of what effect it can have here’s some of the great things that I have discovered having removed that word.

Instead of saying I should wash the floors, while secretly thinking it will hurt my back and within the hour the kids and the dog will have ensured it looks like Glastonbury’s fans have just traipsed through the house. I say I would love to have shiny clean floors because it really finishes off the room. Creating an image in your mind of how great the finished article will look will spur you on far more than thinking of the obstacles that you could face.

If I am really not feeling it then I do not do it. If it really feels that horrendous with my “should” then I back away from the task. I know that my gut instinct is trying to tell me something that I am ignoring. Tasks that I have put off I find that for one reason or another have far better results when dealt with when I am in the right frame of mind to deal with them.

Ok so some things are essential to life and have to be done. However, if they are really that awful work at a way of getting round it, or of changing the way you think about them. Think about something that you love to do and describe it in detail. For instance cooking a nice meal – enjoying the music, laughing at the conversation, perusing the cook books, sourcing the ingredients, savouring the flavours, now apply the happy descriptive words to the revolting job. Try it you may be surprised at how well this can work.

This can be applied to all the words that we use when thinking about tasks and goals that we constantly put off. If you remove your must, should, and have to’s from your vocabulary you can create a more optimistic place to begin any challenge or goal from. Be aware of the words that you use and get them working better and more productively for you.

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