february Networking Guest List – who you missed!

Not everyone networks in our virtual monthly events, some prefer to dip in around the day job in the evenings or weekends. You don’t need to visit our confidential community for long to benefit – get known, get on people’s radars and get your business known.

Remember, you can’t dictate when someone buys but you can have a say in who they buy from!

That’s a Mandie Holgate quote.

This month we talked about how to find properties to buy and investing, how to set up affiliate schemes, how to get in front of Landlords, legal matters, how to excel at a 60 seconds elevator pitch accountability, networking with trades (know any?) marketing advice, collaborations and hosting events, accountancy and finders fees!

And these companies promoted their company.

If you connect and do business, do let us know!

Sue Tetley – OSS Suffolk – logistics and storage.

Caroline Beament – The Money Saving Mum.

Sarah Travers – IFA.

Anna Marie Salisbury – High Net Worth VA and Concierge Services.

Sue Davies – Salon Educational Journal – big event start of March!

Robyn Banks – Adavista – data protection experts.

Michelle Mersh – Maddisons – wholesale and Supply Store.

Liz Hutchings – Image Consultant.

Martina Darling – FLP and Suffolk Networking Events.

Claire Jakes – ICU Neonatal Nurse and nails and lashes.

John Bentley – Photographer and artist.

Hazel Kettlewell – Denim Fairy and seamstress.

Soulla Christodoulou – Best selling fiction author and editor.

Ellie Goff – Equine Therapy – Butterfly Lodge – Corporate Wellness and therapy farm.

Susan Knabe – Property Investor and Property Network.

Kate Bunn – Solicitor.

Katey Carter – Temple spa skincare and Eco friendly wedding china and stunning dried flowers confetti.

Anita Huckle – Relationships and Sex Therapist.

Jenny Sjoellma – Pangels VAs to busy businesses.

Gemma Hart – MyRuby Telephone Reception Services.

Bernie Hughes – Xero Specialist.

Caroline Tyrwhitt – The Mindset Diet author and coach.

Lynn Bolton – Vanilla Spice Clothing Boutique and Skincare.

Alex Woolf – Specialist Scar and menopause therapist.

Naomi Johnson – Digital Creator and Canva expert.

Mandie Holgate

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