Saving money For the Fun in life in 60 seconds!

Caroline Beament has benefited from being a member of our business community for many years and is a valuable member of mastermind group, helping many business owners save money on their utility bills that have increased year on year. In November Caroline was unable to make our networking event and yet still made 2 sales!

And Caroline was able to save one business owner £1,716.00 on their utility bills!

And the best bit?
It only took 30 minutes to make this happen.

How did Caroline make sales without attending a networking event?
One of the services we can offer your business is that if you are too busy to network (and we get that can be the situation) then you can;

  1. Add your companies blog articles, social media links, events, exhibitions, offers and website to the networking post that we host in partnership with the monthly virtual networking. This tends to result in new business and building relationships long after the event.
  2. Our Founder is an expert in business communication and networking skills, so is happy to showcase these skills and deliver a 60 seconds, elevator pitch for your business on your behalf. Mandie Holgate (click here to learn more) has been helping professionals and business owners to excel at sales communication for many years.

Best selling author Soulla Christodoulou heard the elevator pitch and approached Caroline to asses her offices bills.

Caroline was totally professional and friendly from the start of the process all the way through. I have recommended her services to family and friends too. In my book it’s a win-win when you can share your good fortune with others, especially coming up to Christmas when so many families feel the pinch

Soulla Christodoulou, author of a Palette or Magpies and other fabulous fiction books to escape the world in.

We love that Soulla’s review references books. So on brand!

From 60 seconds Caroline saved two members £2160 in less than an hour!

Wow, we love powerful networking.

Thank you Caroline for supporting our members to protect more of their hard earned profits.

To get in on the action and grow your business sustainably you can join here. And to talk to Caroline about saving some of your profits, click here.

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