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Usually we ask members of our business growth community to share articles that are relevant to other business owners, professionals, and business development managers, however, this is such a beautiful read from London based Artist, Paola Minekov that we had to share! This is the most beautiful read you will get this week! If you love it, give Paola a like, comment and share on social media. And if you know of an office that needs new artwork, we’ve got the artists and even the framers to make something truly stunning for your work space!

I’m a city girl. I have always been fascinated by cities and their unique character. Our urban spaces are a testament to human ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness. From the towering skyscrapers of New York to the charming cobbled streets of Amsterdam and London’s spectacular skyline, our cities are a melting pot of cultures and a reflection of the people who live there. 

Through the prism of my art, I aim to capture the essence of these vibrant urban landscapes and share them with the world. 

In this blog post, I invite you to take a journey with me through my paintings of the cities I’ve lived in and visited. So come, take a walk with me through the city. Let me show you the world through my eyes, and share my passion for capturing the vibrant, colourful skylines that burst with life all around us.

I will share with you my inspiration, my creative process, and the stories behind each piece. My paintings are a celebration of the diversity and the beauty of our cities. 

1. Amsterdam – Colourful skylines, flooded with light

I lived in Amsterdam in my twenties and this was when I painted my first cityscape. One sunny day, as I waited for a friend, I drew a little sketch of the Dancing Houses of Amsterdam. I was drawn to the geometry of a city’s skyline and the way the buildings jutted and curved, creating a vibrant tapestry of shapes and lines, which interconnected with the environment around them. Since then, I’ve painted this composition again and again. It’s my happy place. 

2.Plovdiv – bursting with life 

I’m from Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. But my family is from … everywhere. My Jewish great grandmother was born in Turkey ‘when the roses bloom’. She and my great grandfather shared romantic greeting cards in Ladino, the ancient tongue of the Sefaradi Jews, until she finally moved to Bulgaria and they married in the picturesque town of Plovdiv. 

When, as a teenager, I visited Plovdiv, what captured me was the spirit of joy and the story of a city, depicted in the painted facades of traditional Bulgarian houses and curving, narrow streets, bursting with life. I tried to capture this happy energy in my painting, using bright bold colours and quirky shapes. 

3. London – My city, my canvas, alive.

Each of my paintings of London is a reflection of my own experience of the city, an invitation for you to share in the unique energy of the city I’ll always call home, no matter where I live.

My cityscape paintings are characterised by meticulous brush work, precise lines and dynamic compositions, which create motion and flow of energy by deconstructing the architectural forms to their essence and embedding them in the environment that surrounds them. I explore the geometry of the city, with its ultra modern buildings and historical winding alleyways and translate it into a language of lines and shapes that evoke a sense of fluidity. 

In this way I hope to bring to life the urban landscapes that make up the geography of my city and take the viewer on a visual journey, from the hustle and bustle of rush hour to the calmness of a quiet stolen moment on a sunny morning.

When I paint London, it’s more than just a representation of the physical environment; it is a reflection of the city the way I see and experience it at a particular moment in time. 

4. The Cottage – See the familiar in a new way

As one often does, Claire Louise Price bought her pink cottage on a whim, during a weekend away. 

Then, she asked me to paint it for her new book. She sent me a photo and there I was, painting a fairytale cottage, which depicts her creativity, eccentricity and whimsical personality more than the cottage itself. As an artist, I strive to see my subject in new ways, to discover the beauty and intricacies that others may overlook. It’s not just about the physical structure – I aim to capture the mood of a place, whether that be the vibrant energy of a busy street or the magical serenity of an enchanted cottage in pink. 

5. Your city – through my art

I invite you to experience your city through my art. From the bright lights of the city skyline to the subtle hues of the sunset over the river, I bring the city to life in full colour.


Join me on a journey through the streets and alleys that make up your cityscape. See the world through my eyes and discover the hidden beauty and unique character that only an artist can reveal.

Let me show you your city through my art, and let’s explore together the endless possibilities of what your urban landscape has to offer.

As I finish this post, I’m reminded of why I started painting cityscapes in the first place, back in Amsterdam. There’s something magical about capturing the essence of a cityscape in painting and then letting the artwork acquire its own life. 

With every painting, I’m able to share my love for a city and its unique character with others. I hope my art has inspired you to see these cities in a new light and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us every day. As always, keep exploring, keep creating, and keep sharing your own unique perspective with the world.

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