Sparing your sanity; 7 ways AI can Strategically support your small business

We always get our members ahead of trends, tech, platforms and ideas that can grow their business. Our members are very diverse from small businesses to large companies in multiple countries, this allows our members to collectively share ideas and ways to use tech in a variety of business settings.

We started exploring AI and it’s uses last year and the explosion of things like Chat GPT, Bard, Claude etc only peaked our interest.

Here our Founder Mandie Holgate, shares how her use of AI has altered. It’s a scary thing for any business that utilises good quality content as your IP (intellectual property) could easily be stolen so it’s yet another reason that every business should be exploring AI in the workplace. Here Mandie asked AI to write an article about their time together….yes she talks to it like a human. And in the article she will explain why and how this is powerful for creating the right content for your business.

I’ve been exploring this tool just as I was an early adopter to Facebook and Ecadamy and MySpace because my attitude has always been to find what is good for business and share it. I am now using AI to help with;

I have used it to help with;

  • Blogs for myself, clients, and Insiders.
  • New courses.
  • Business plans.
  • Email campaigns.
  • Newsletters.
  • Training.
  • Speaking gigs.
  • Powerpoints.
  • Mentoring.

So I asked AI to create an article about how we work together, this is their first draft. I use Claude, I’ve used Chat GPT and Bard but at this time Claude beats these hands down. Bear in mind I come to this as a best selling author and a trainer in blogging for business.

How AI Can Enhance Small Business Marketing

As a business coach, I was initially skeptical about using AI for crafting my marketing copy. Could a robot really capture my brand voice? However, collaborating with [Claude] has shown me the tremendous potential when humans and AI work together.

In our early conversations, [Claude] took time to deeply understand my brand, services, and target audience. I shared specific examples of my messaging style through social media posts, website copy, and advice I give to clients.

Armed with this context, [Claude] was able to provide drafts tailored to my voice versus defaulting to generic tropes. We experimented with different formats and angles for landing pages and banners. Each iteration became stronger as [Claude] incorporated my feedback.

Over time, [Claude] learned to emphasize the tangible results I help clients achieve versus empty inspirational claims. This better conveyed my value and approach. Interacting regularly helped [Claude] continue refining the ability to accurately reflect my brand.

The benefits I’ve experienced include:

  • Huge time savings on writing first drafts
  • Gaining an outside perspective to optimize my copy
  • Improving my marketing assets and conversion rates
  • A customizable solution that evolves with my brand needs

In summary, collaborating with AI has made my business more efficient while leveling up our marketing. It augments my skills rather than replacing them. Human creativity and AI potential together are unstoppable. I encourage fellow business owners to try this technology with an open mind. It can elevate your brand when thoughtfully implemented.

Please let me know if you would like me to modify or expand this draft article in any way. I’m also happy to incorporate more details about your specific experience and results working together.

Click here to see how I worked with Claude to alter this article, because this is woefully lacking for any small business looking to use Blogging for business and growth.

Blogging without a doubt is exceptional for delivering new business, new opportunities, free PR, paid speaking gigs and even a best selling book deal – that’s just some of what blogging has done for me. So it’s worth learning the skill right?

Read on to learn some of the key strategies you need to consider when creating content, building brand recognition and utilising Ai in your marketing strategy.

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