Stop sitting with your ears in the taps!

I’ve got a question for you;

 (it’s business related in the weirdness way….honest!)


Ask yourself this did anyone ever say to you “Hey don’t lay with your head that end of the bath, you’ll have taps in your ears”?

Now at first thought you’re going to say this business coach has lost her marbles, but think about it;

When you were little you could play with your rubber ducky in your blue Matey bath anyway round you liked. You could lay on your front upside down pouring water from one receptacle to another for hours while mum shouted “Are you washing your hair?” and you lied “yes”!

But as you grew, you carried on playing in the bath splashing the water over the side and you just naturally found a way to sit that allowed you to get on with what you wanted to. It’s highly unlikely that you held a conscious conversation with yourself (or anyone else for that matter) discussing the merits of laying with your head the tap end, or your legs dangling over the side. You just naturally adapted.

In life we do this all the time, and it’s just as true in business.

But here’s the thing, Sometimes we’re so busy playing we don’t pay attention to the fact that in actual fact we are in real pain, things aren’t working and life is proving tough. In reality you have taps in your ears and you’re doing nothing about it. THAT’S when you have to have a conscious conversation and think;

“Is this the best way forward?”
“Is this working for me?”
“Is this moving me forward?”
“Is this getting me the results I want in my life/my business?”

The fact is the longer you put up with stuff, the quicker you get used to it, and start to ignore it and accept it as the norm. That’s when you stop making progress and getting the results you want!

Imagine you had been in the bath with the taps around your ears. Now get out of the bath stand back and look at the bath and ask yourself am I sitting in the most comfortable way?

Standing back from your business allows you to create the space to make real progress and grow your business. Don’t think because it’s a conversation it’s going to be easy though to create that space in your head and answer those four questions. That’s why mentors, coach’s, consultants…whatever you wish to call them, work.

That’s why good networking works.

That’s why good mentoring groups work.

That’s why good environments that allow you to think about your business – work!

So the next time things don’t seem to be flowing along nicely, ask yourself “Do I have taps in my ears?”

(In case you didn’t get the message – you are not alone in business (however much it can feel like that sometimes!) and that’s why the BWN is such a proven resource for business women looking to connect, learn mindset and skill sets and to feel like they know the best direction and the happiest course to take to their business success.)

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