The most powerful networking ever

That’s not our words, that’s our members!

Check out below what best selling author Soulla Christodoulou said about us this week and how we helped her business in just 2 hours!

Earlier this week I joined the incredible online community of @mandieholgate @thebusinesswomansnetworkuk for our monthly business coaching and networking session.


In the space of two hours this is what I gained:

~ a new author connection.
~ an editing enquiry.
~ how to talk about and value what I do.
~ how to attract the right clients.
~ a way to make more from my editing services.
~ how to capitalise on my VIP newsletter database.
~ a connection to support my later life financial planning.
~ insights into SEO

And here’s my plug 🔌

If you run a small business, are just starting up or looking to build something new or bigger or looking for connections, advice, support and networking opportunities, then look at joining. You won’t regret it. Have nothing to lose. Have everything to gain.

Thank you Soulla. We genuinely do love professionals, charities, those with side businesses, those with big businesses (and big ambitions!) sole traders and SME’s. £25 has never worked so hard in your business. As Soulla says You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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