The Business woman that neglects her body neglects her business

The Business woman that neglects her body neglects her business. No it wasn’t Confucius that said that but Brenda Seaborn.

Brenda Seaborn from Banish Stress has worked for corporate clients such as • ACE • Magnox • BBC Essex • Colchester Borough Council • Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust, working throughout North East Essex and Suffolk offering her unique corporate therapy days as part of company’s occupational health or team building events.  Brenda first hand sees the impact of neglecting the body.

“You can only for so long get away with not listening to your body, before you really start to suffer. So many times business women say to me, but I don’t have time. But if you end up in bed you will have no choice but to stop working, why wait for that to happen? With a bit of TLC to your body, listening to its needs and a bit of time out, you can ensure you are fit and well to always be there for your business.”

Brenda has run a busy, private practice from her home in Colchester since 1997; providing complementary healthcare to both individual and corporate clients. Corporate clients such as Sandra Meakins from Magnox said “She is always gladly, welcomed by our staff and provides them with nurturing respite from an otherwise hectic days work. She offers them a chance to offload, unwind and refocus; enabling them to continue their days work completely refreshed.”

Combining a wealth of therapies such as Reiki, Reflexology, Manicure, pedicure (don’t dismiss how relaxing and important your nails can be!) Indian Head Massage,  Holistic Facial Massage, Advanced Reflexology inc. Maternity & Fertility and teaching Reiki and meditation. Business women often forget to create space to unwind, de-stress, re-balance and look after their health or to speed up the healing process during or after illness, surgery or the loss of a loved one.

So Brenda (or Confusicious) is right the Business Woman that neglects her health neglects her success. Now’s the time to get THAT in your business plan!??!

Banish Stress for business women

To learn more about time out, relaxing and caring for Number 1 (because you so often are at the bottom of the pile!) Get in touch with Brenda – 01206 512280 Email: Website:

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