Just a quick blog since I have had business women this week saying

“I’d love to come to your talk on social media next week but ….

a)      I’m busy that day.

b)      I’m a techno phobe so it won’t work for me. I’d never suss it!

c)       I just don’t see how it can help my business.

d)      I don’t have the time to add more to my plate.

e)      I’ve tried it and it’s alright but nothing special.

 Well here is what it has personally allowed me to do this week.

a)      It got me 3 clients in one day.

b)      People booked for my events while I was out working and in meetings.

c)      I was able to say thank you to people who had helped me out and promote them at the same time to my followers.

d)      Allowed me to get the answer to something I needed.

e)      Directed great potential clients to my websites. That led to them emailing me and signing up to my mailing list and my top tips (see the sign up box in the righ side of the page and we all know what great interaction leads to!

f)       I was able to sell the BWN Nude calendar.

g)      Give some business woman some ideas for free to help them with their business issues they were having this week.

h)      I was able to support some business women (who have become either network friends or social media friends) with words of

                encouragement and help at a difficult time.

i)       I was able to reconnect with someone who has been abroad for 6 months.

j)       I was able to promote my events and my business for free.


All in one week – and it cost me just my time, but even that was limited because I use social media gadgets to make it more effective.

So, Social Media? Worth investing some time into?

I would say so!

I’m Mandie Holgate and my Twitter name is rather orginally @MandieHolgate (There were deliberate reasons I chose that name for my marketing.) So do come and say “Hi”.

Think you can spare 45 minutes to learn a ton of ideas without pretty slides but jammed packed with answers to your social media woes?

Fancy combining that with great relaxed networking?

Click here to book your £15 ticket *

  • August 23, 2011
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