A Message from Mandie

Hi world of wonderful BWN business women,

Thanks to everyone that has kept in touch to send your best wishes and get well messages.

To save poor Clare’s ears at Essex & Suffolk BWN events I just thought I would say a quick hello and give you an update.

Well if progress is what we are looking for unfortanely progress IS being made, but only in so far as the illness is winning and progressing nicely with lots of new symptons that are making lift that much harder. I AM getting complete rest, really truly looking after myself and yet nothing is helping. I spend most of my days in bed with the curtains pulled since now I’m oversensitive to light too, and a trip to the local supermarket is a massive treat since the only places I go is the school run and hospital appointments.

I’m now being tested for Lupus, Lymes disease and Stiff Person Syndrome (seriously you couldn’t make it up!) So I get to speak to lots of nice doctors and nurses when I make it to the top of their long waiting lists.

I won’t lie to you it is not easy being the kind of person that just loves helping people and hearing how your busy lives are going and how I can help, to find yourself alone for 6 hours a day, but you know me I have this uncanny ability to find the positive in all situations. For instance now I can appreciate  I’m saving a fortune of fuel, makeup and clothes since I go nowhere and can’t justify buying clothes and getting dressed up for the dog’s entertainment.

It is not easy to feel positive everyday and some days I do feel rather low but I always find a way of creating a little goal that gives me a sense of achievement, be it walk up the stairs without stopping, cook an evening meal, or participate in a game with the children.

I’m writing to you today so that you know, that I often think of you all. How’s your website redesign going? How’s your marketing strategy getting on? How many more useful followers have you gained on social media? What impact is it having on your business? What problems are you facing? How can the BWN be assisting your success? Are you overcoming your business fears? Are you creating a great work life balance so you can enjoy the money you earn?

But right now I know that the BWN is in the best possible hands of the incredibly talented and passionate business woman (and Olympic torch bearer – ask her sometime how she got that gig! Hee hee and do get to Chelmsford to cheer her on – in purple perhaps, as it would make a great bit of press for you and The BWN!) That is Clare Lauwerys, and with her team across East Anglia of Tina Walker, Meg Reid and Bridget Greenwood I know that there are some great business women out there right now dedicated to the success of you and your business.

I hear that we are now into the 23rd month of a new person coming toa BWN event, so its great that the word continues to spread about the power of BWN networking. I see Clare regularly so I know that things are going brilliantly for all heavily involved with The BWN. If you have premier pack, don’t forget about all the fabulous ways the BWN can help you even more. Clare’s as passionate about that as I am!

I find that it times like this, its hard to know what to say. It’s as tough as when I had severe clincial depression many years ago, and I remind myself constantly that out of that hell whole I created a great career and the opportunities to meet you guys, and get on national TV and in front of the home secretary and the Bank of England, so I hold my breath to see what opportunities this level of pain, and exhaustion could possibly create.

Thanks again for being in touch – it means the world to me.

My very best wishes and heres hoping for a good summer (and a word of warning, I remember a few years ago seeing the sun shining and dashing past my loungers to another client, thinking “God I wish I had more time to enjoy sitting in the sun” and now I would give anything to not have the time to be on a lounger ! The moral of the story, be very careful what you wish for!)




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