Business Networking & Entrepreneurial Ideas – Round up and Who you missed networking with January 2024

Looking after business owners and entrepreneurs it’s imperative The BWN/Insiders grows and adapts to your businesses growing needs. If you are just starting your own business or are looking to expand your business or your own skills, we’ve a wealth of knowledge, training and support and of course networking and promotion on our website for you too. (Yes this is just £20 a month.)

This month INsiders asked us to supply a weekly update of what has been discussed on the confidential business growth and networking group.

Week 1 and Week 2 – Discussions/training/advice/networking on The INsiders;

  • Raised awareness to the need for discipline. Not the sexiest word but essential for business success.
  • New venues in the UK to host Insiders meet ups.
  • Training delivered in 2023 you can access 24/7 (Please do not share this content unless you’ve paid for additional team members, we keep the subscription as low as we can and offer discounts for teams) –
  • Blogging advice.
  • We are discussing disability awareness.
  • Mischa Pearson artist and author is looking for advice to support orphanage in Thailand with her beautiful new book.
  • Our Founder Mandie Holgate has been invited to host the networking at the Biggest Craft Event in the UK and will be working on the business hub giving free training/coaching. Insiders get a big discount on the stands. And you can apply for the creative pitch (dragons den style. And you can have a discounted A3 board to get your business in front of top buyers, Shopping channels like QVC and investors. This is exclusive to INsiders You can only access this offer via us. Live explaining more with links added 5th January.
  • Raising concern about the lack of support/understanding for business men in our pursuit to support business women – which is very very necessary! Honest views welcome.
  • Shopify expert – we need one, know one?
  • Database building advice. We talked about how artist Charlie Kirkham used the Blogging for business course and increased their database by 3100%!
  • The difference between an excuse and a reason and why it matters in business.
  • We looked at why you do not want to share viral posts
  • How to promote your business for free as an Insider – Live video
  • Recommendations for Personal development podcasts.
  • The dangers of swaps in business.
  • Please check your pricing structure – because being fully booked and not making a good profit would be horrible!
  • Terms of Business for programmes and courses and which INsiders can create for you and why they are imperative for your small business.
  • SEO affiliate James and Carla from Koala Digital shared about their next 2 day course.
  • Morgana Marie shared about her ThetaHealing business.
  • Helen Reade a Positive Psychologist and GenXistential Coach shared a great About me Post.
  • Zoom, Zoho or Teams was your preference for networking events? And why?
  • We were thanked for our kick butt session and told us INsiders shared their 2024 plans.
  • Website experts for small businesses and why it’s imperative you get advice/support and carry out market research before your update your companies website to gain new business.
  • Sarah Marie Underhay is looking for new venues to partner with to bring in new business for them with her art classes – very popular.
  • New members Deepan Shah accountant, Michelle Mersh Maddisons catering, office and care home supplies, Anna Marie Salisbury a VA and concierge services To High Net Worth Women, Beverely Perkins, Morgana Marie a Thetahealer.
  • Disability law specialist advice.
  • Buying a database – advice required.
  • Mindset and Skill set assessment and planning for 2024 session with chat notes and planner. Separate article on this and INsiders can request a copy of the plan to complete and assess growth in 2024.
  • Virtual business banking advice.
  • Advise on how to alter products and services to match up to what Insiders and business owners would buy. Looking for ideas from Insiders.
  • The National Advancing Menopause Policy in the Workplace Conference 2024. We get a hefty discount on tickets and our Founder Mandie Holgate has been asked to speak at this event. We can also access a discount on exhibiting at this event too. This is exclusive to INsiders and can only accessed via email.
  • Google business page issues. How to alter, gain access of your panel.
  • Elevator pitch support – Mandie Holgate loves 60 seconds elevator pitches and can train you to be exceptional at it so you never dread it again. You’ve 3 choices. 1. Take the course (see below) 2. 1 2 1 training/coaching or 3 get a group of a minimum of 6 and we will host a training day either Virtual or face to face. Our training for your business and team can fit most budgets. Courses that you get 50% off of
  • Free PDF reader that was Microsoft compatible and T and C’s safe for a small business.
  • Mandie Holgate promising that IF we get to the end of 2024 and you have not achieved what you wanted to, then Mandie will have failed the year. 1st of January 2025 We HAVE To KNOW that you succeeded and got what you wanted. We and Mandie promise to do everything in our power to support you, your team and business.
  • Mandie delivered elevator pitches with no practices or prior knowledge for anyone that requested it. 60 seconds were videoed for Sue Davies from Nabuno, Liz Hutchings Image Consutlant, Carla Beard from Koala Digital, Michelle Mersh from Maddisons suppliers to the beauty, care, leisure and tourism industry – cleaning, disposal catering and office supplies. It got a lot of business owners thinking about their elevator pitch style.
  • Advice for Amazon KDP. and a replacement to Amazon for to publish books/planners too.
  • 2 members have updated their sites and were looking for views on small businesses new website – Robyn is our Affiliate for Data protection, policy notices and was sharing advice on this too.

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