Mindset tips for busy business owners to stay healthy this season

Caroline Tyrwhitt, had a love hate relationship with food. And it was in her own journey to good health, being a lot lighter and loving her body was she able to see how guilty food made her. With the Christmas season on us and the cupboards bursting with good food, how can you stay healthy and not starve yourself?

How can you eat guilt free and not dread a long salad filled January? Here Caroline shares her own research, strategies and passion for helping everyone to enjoy the festive season without hating your body in the process.

Do you dread Christmas? Not just the financial pressures but the food pressures too? I used to. As someone working in education the pressures to stay healthy, have enough energy to the survive the day were very real and it meant I piled on the weight. And like so many I thought I’d tried everything.

I know for many you don’t want to appear humbug by not buying the festive treats but hate all the temptations around you for weeks on end.

I used to worry about will power and I know many worry willpower disappears as the Christmas movies start up.

Add the dark nights (which are getting earlier and earlier!) and you’ve got a recipe for disaster!

Our cravings hit an all time high and you overeat because Christmas only comes once a year, right?

Or perhaps you just eat yourself silly knowing that you’re going to deprive yourself in January, so why not go all in and worry about it later?

I’ve been where so many are right now with that guilt and excitement of the season. If you’d like this year to be different, if you’d like to feel more balanced and less stressed and saturated, I’m hosting a short webinar where I share with you my mindset tips to get through the season smiling and feeling strong when the New Year comes around.

I learnt so much about the tricks the industry use to keep us yo-yo-ing and how I was falling into so many repeat patterns and in this webinar I’m going to share some common situations that sabotage your good intentions and share with you powerful strategies that shift your thinking and feeling so you can embrace the joy of the whole season rather than focus just on the food.

If you’re a people pleaser this is going to really be a powerful day! We will really challenge your thinking by creating a you-focussed Christmas.

  • identify and manage eating triggers
  • manage stressful situations
  • let go of ‘should’ and ‘must’ and explore new ways to celebrate
  • rethink the ‘just in case’ model of Christmas
  • tap into your inner child

Come with pen and paper to take notes. Bring your questions. Leave with a plan.

A FREEBIE too…Those who register will receive a free e-book to remind them and support them after the webinar.

I look forward to sharing how I shifted my thinking around Christmas so that you too can enjoy it now and always, it’s a game changer!

To access this exclusive session email Caroline here

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