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Living in a neurotypical world when you are not a neurotypical girl series.

It was Neurodiversity Celebration week 2024 (March 18-24) which is all about educating and promoting worldwide neurodiversity acceptance, equality and inclusion in schools and workplaces.  I, Michelle Shavdia, was late diagnosed with ADHD, dyspraxia and dyscalculia at 37 years old, and ever since have been on a mission to raise awareness into the misunderstood condition of ADHD as well as shining a lens on the overlapping neurodivergent conditions so that we are all better informed and getting better support. 

Did you know that 20% of employees are neurodivergent?!

hat increases to 30% when thinking of entrepreneurs. And that 1 in 5 people have experienced harassment or discrimination due to this?!  ADHD people for example are often excluded or dismissed, on the receiving end of negative comments/jokes; demoralised, humiliated, or degraded.  ADHD adults are 30% more likely to have ongoing employment issues, 3x more likely to impulsively quit and 60% more likely to be fired.  24% of adults on long term sick leave due to stress exhibit ADHD symptoms!!

WE are running our public ADHD Awareness session once again on 15th April for adults to learn more about ADHD and how it applies not only to the world of work but also to life generally. We are also running the ‘Let’s talk about Neurodiversity’ group again with autism assessor, Rhiann Marchant, on 15th May

New service – we have now begun delivering our ADHD Awareness trainings to organisations and schools online and in person.  Please get in touch by email and she can send the Eventbrite link for both public groups plus the expression of interest and enquiry forms for our future coaching groups for adults, teens and organisations/schools.

You can follow us on @FindYourSparkADHD on Instagram and @FindYourSparkUK on Facebook.  And learn more about this via our website

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