ADHD in the work place – what’s the real problem?

Michelle Shavdia from Find your spark is a great example of our members. Not just working 1 2 1, now working with groups, communities and businesses to raise awareness on ADHD, autism and neurodiversity. Having experts from all areas of work and life is very important to us because it means whatever you, your business or your staff need, there’s a good chance we’ve got an expert to share ideas to help.

Here Michelle shares another insightful article on;

  • Are ADHD and autism related?
  • Living in a neurotypical world when you are not a neurotypical girl

Michelle Shavdia, 39, is on a mission to raise awareness into the very much misunderstood condition of ADHD.  People describe it still as a disorder or problem that needs to be fixed and overcome, which is incorrect.  ADHD is not the problem that needs to be fixed.  The problem is we live in a neurotypical world that is not set up for neurodivergent brain differences.  That is what needs to be overcome.  Michelle’s vision is that we live in a world where neurodivergent and neurotypical brains are accepted in the same way that left and right-handed people are.

Michelle via her business Find Your Spark has now run three ADHD Awareness sessions in Colchester for adults, parents and young people who want to understand ADHD better.  These have been met with great feedback.  Testimonials include ‘I love how Michelle shares the ADHD challenges and positives in a straightforward and simple way where you realise that ADHD does not have to define you and there are many strengths.’

On the back of these sessions, Michelle is now collaborating with two other specialists in their field, Jill McGrath of Spectrum SEN services and Catherine Withers of Simply Enough as you are.

On August 20th, from 10-12.30, Michelle is collaborating with Jill McGrath to deliver a session specifically for parents entitled ‘Supporting your Neurodiverse child.’  This follows on from receiving feedback that there is a need for further parental support and understanding of the conditions their children have been diagnosed with.  The aim is to help parents feel more empowered supporting their neurodivergent children and less alone. Both Michelle and Jill have ADHD and other neurodivergent conditions, so they personally understand the struggles alongside their professional experience and qualifications. Cost £45. Deadline to book this session is 14th August.

And on 12th September Michelle is running a Self-Care for ADHD session with Catherine Withers, which will include Qi Qong and breath and energy work.  Deadline to book for the early bird price of £40 rather than £60 is 14th August.

Alongside these two sessions, Michelle will also deliver the ADHD Awareness session again on 26th September from 7-9 pm where she will be answering the question of whether ADHD and autism are related (in a nutshell, yes, they are, as they both are neurodivergent conditions, but they are more like cousins than siblings 😉

As a special gift to the The BWN / Insiders Members, we are offering a 10% discount on individual sessions booked OR £99 for all three.  Just email quoting BWN to get your discount.  One to one and ADHD coaching available as well.  Please visit for further details.

In our experience, Michelle’s courses sell out fast, so book early to avoid disappointment. Like many members, Michelle is a business owner who is active on our online business growth and networking community, so feel free to tag her in posts there too.

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