Why I love The BWN

This month’s guest blogger is Susan Canning, Maths Tuition

I started going to BWN meeting about 3 and a half years ago. My work as a private tutor means I spend long periods alone working on lessons and long periods with teenagers, so I joined mainly for the adult company. A cup of tea and a chat with friends once a month sounded really good.

I was surprised to find that tea and a chat was just the begining. We have talks from amazing people and bounce ideas off one another. I learned to follow up emails with phone calls, and the first time I tried this I obtained a new student.

Mandie Holgate also gave me the phone number of another tutor who teaches younger students. I phoned her up and we came to an agreement to pass on students to one another if they were outside our range, and this introduced me to another student.

I certainly did not expect when I started going to meeting that I would find myself in front of a camera wearing no underwear!
Doing the calender was great fun and as I was in the October photo, I am now looking down on myself from the wall above my chair.

I have met many wonderful people through the BWN and really miss them when I am unable to attend, as I was this month.

Perhaps I will meet you there next month.

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