Football is not only a game. Football is connecting people.

As the world cup starts, lets just say I am not the bigggest fan. But South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma said words that I loved;

“Football is not only a game. Football is connecting people.”

He told the huge crowds a the concert more than just this is the start of the 2010 world cup. He took the opportunity to tell the world;

“Africa is hosting this tournament. South Africa is the stage,” said Zuma, 65. “South Africa is rocking. South Africa is cool.”

Why was I smiling when I heard this and thought of successful business?

Firstly this man is passionately proud of his country – That’s always essential in business.

Secondly he saw the chance to reinforce to the world that South Africa is more than capable of hosting interntational events in a beautiful country – always good to let everyone know what your good at.

Thirdly for all of us that are not going to be glued to our TV’s for the next month (is that how long it is?) he told us that this was so much more than just about some guys kicking a ball about a pitch.

So when I heard this I smiled because I realised that the world cup has a lot in common with networking and thus The Business Womans Network.

We love great events, We love successful Business, we love passion, we love telling everyone about how great the business women are that we know, and we just love Connecting People!

Quotes taken from the top Google rating;

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