An Idea to Get The Obstacles Out Of The Way Of Your Success

In life you know how you get so used to something and then you cast your mind back and you can’t remember when that first came into your life?

Well that’s what it’s like for me with my best friend. If you knew me, you would know that my best friends in life tend to be my hubby and family (sad but true) but years ago this woman came into my life and just always seemed to be there. And today I thank the universe for that.

But then today is a special day. 3 years ago today Clare right now was having a lung transplanted – that’s tough enough, but when you take into account the numerous false starts Clare had before she finally got the transplant and how Clare couldn’t walk anywhere without an oxygen tank and a rather groovy granny scooter you really appreciate how lucky we are to have this fab woman around.

Clare was there when I was seriously ill with depression, when I had my 2nd child, when I set up the BWN. Clare designed and loving created the BWN website – she stood by me as the BWN grew (and along the way I ensured that everyone knew how amazing her websites are – actually to the point whereby recently she told me to stop sending her clients – love effective networking.)

But why am I telling you this?

Well recently I have been working on a national level looking at the issues that affect women in business. And ensuring that the Home Office and the Bank of England know the issues that affect busienss women. Childcare, broadband, fuel costs, old boy networks, glass ceilings, lack of opportunities, sexism, racism the list is long. But when you meet business women like Clare you realise that if you have passion, determination and dedication it doesn’t matter what obstacles there are. You find a way forward to success.

However big the obstacle you find a way to get the results you want.

If you want to interact and know a fabulous business woman (who also happens to be your IT Fairy and all-round whiz with all things IT) then connect with Clare Lauwyers @ClareLauwerys. I guarantee a business woman that will motivate, inspire support and be there for you – now who wouldn’t want one of those?

On that note who motivates, inspires and supports your success? Knowing those things can be critical when you are having a tough time.

A bit of a girly blog today, but hey business women are allowed to be business women on their own terms the way they want to, and that includes supporting and acknowledging their way to success.

Thank you Clare.

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