FAST business Plan Results

Insiders were asked this question;

Be honest, how’s business?

By our Founder Mandie Holgate

And while some were honest and happy to share their good news, some emailed us and declared “Help” admitting that the cost of living and changes in consumer spending had altered their profit margins and outlook for 2024.

We never sit back and say “tough” when a business is suffering, so Mandie a best selling author and global speaker and coach asked further questions of those that responded to define the issue and voila(that’s fancy French for “Here you go!”) the FAST plan was born!

John Bentley was the first to step up and take action and told us;

Two birds one stone.

I’m going to write a post on LinkedIn because I need to, and Mandie advises it, but for now I’m just going to post this here.

I started the #fastplan of Mandie last week. Now whilst my progress working through might be slow, boy does it help to think things through.

I’m also going to say, that for twenty quid a month being in here and on these group calls, really has given me growth. You can see from the image attached 😉

I’ve started to reduce my alcohol intake ( partly because I needed too, and partly because folks in here seem to care about my mental health) and get more focus on what it is I do and can offer to my people.

By me asking questions in here and posting a few tips, I’ve had great feedback that has got me writing more content (not all of it publishable) but it does two things that we possibly all need:

A- gets shit out my head and on to paper*

B- allows me to refine my pitch and tagline on my website.

* I much prefer pen and paper to digital. I tend to write it down, read it through and then dictate it into word. From there I get word to read it back to me.

Look at the image and see how much I’ve grown the last few weeks 😂😂

I can spend £20 a day on drink and just get fatter. £20 to the insiders helps me to grow the right way.

That is it. Off the cuff post inspired by both Mandie and the shadow shot challenge I posted about a couple days ago.


Well maybe not the most conventional of reviews on the benefits of the new FAST plan, but at least it’s genuine. That’s the joyous thing about being an Insider, whether you are the boss, the business development offer, a charity worker or someone topping up your salary in these challenging times. We will work with you to make that £20 a month go very far. And when you need more for yourself and / or your team, we will provide it.

The FAST plan is unique to our other courses. With the FAST plan you will see very fast changes in your business, actions and mindset. You have 3 choices on how to work with this plan. You can learn about the 3 layers here.

Insiders will get to decide the price they pay for this plan for the foreseeable future. It is £35 to £75 – your choice. Yes really. Our members choose to pay us more!

Other courses you, your business and staff can benefit from;
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