But Amazon is quick and Cheap…

We know that everyone’s money doesn’t seem to go as far as it used to, however a big conversation on the Insiders is that people are spending money, it’s just you’ve got to meet the customers criteria to see the sales in 2023.
If you need a hand with selling, just message us or post to the Insiders because every time we’ve heard and reason why people aren’t buying – together we found the solutions to get the sales coming in!
You are very welcome to borrow the statistics and facts from this page (we’ve verified them all for you) so you can raise awareness why buying local is so important.

The more people can appreciate that the quicker, easier and cheaper route actually damages communities, wrecks customer experience, helps to cause monopolisation pushing prices up, reducing funds for UK essential services, causes profiteering and the potential death of the small business, the better!

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More money in the economy. According to Shop Local UK recent research shows that every £10 spent locally resulted in £3.85 back into the local community, which could help the national recovery across the UK. Some suggest the amount that goes back into the local economy could be as high as £50 as the local businesses will buy from local suppliers too.

Small business do their best to pay living wages not minimum wages. They aim to employ their staff with the best standards possible. They know that rehiring can cost £11,000 (Insider, Employment Law Specialist Michelle Wicker talks about this and the true cost to businesses of looking after staff) per member of staff, so do their best to keep staff by keeping them happy. Do some research on Amazon’s employee track record, disputes this summer (Click here to read more) and the planned redundancies they have coming up, to see the difference between local employers and global employers.

Stop profiteering and monopolisation. When you buy on a large platform they have a habit of inviting small business to sell on their platform. When they know what sells, they undercut the small business and promote their own products, thus pricing the small business out of the market and then being able to fix the price higher. Forbes reported on this and other cases highlight the damage of Amazon. Stating “For Amazon, much of the antitrust focus has been on the data the company collects on the sellers on its platform. In 2020, Amazon founder and former CEO Jeff Bezos testified before Congress over questions about Amazon’s private-label business, and the unfair advantage the company might have as it hawks its own products on the platform it owns.” Read more here.

Locally sourced produce equals fewer transport miles which drastically reduces the amount of co2 emissions in this country. Unnecessary food transportation contributes to over 35% of the UK co2 output. Amazon drivers see massive fluctuations in their real pay and you can read here about their court action to remedy the “kick in the teeth” they’ve received.

Quality. Insider and top UK chef Paul Boorman asked to speak with a manager from a UK superstore because he was shocked at the condition of the chicken and vegetables on display, he was advised “Most of our stock is from a warehouse and is on average 3 months old”. You won’t have that issue with buying local! Local butchers, bakers and greengrocers can often cite exactly what you are buying and where it is from! Amanda Rutland from Gorgeous Gourds (you will love this company – see below) grows all her gourds in Essex and they are flown around the world as statement pieces. Learn more here.

More local jobs! It really is that simple. Buy from a global brand and you could be supporting a business on the other side of the world, buy local and you bring jobs to your community.

Our members are a generous lot! Do you know our members give donations, prizes, time and their skills to local charities, including our own Insiders who are charities or who volunteer – Patsy Johnson from Fresh Starts New Beginnings will tell you how beneficial small businesses are to local charities “It means we can help more children. It really is that simple.”

Who wants to pay more tax? We could tell you a lot more reasons why you need to buy local, but let’s talk about your taxes. According to Small Business UK “Local governments often provide tax incentives to entice nationally-owned companies to their communities. However, if these corporations are paying less in taxes it means that local residents are paying more. But, when you buy from local companies it lessens individual tax burdens and creates up to 75% more tax revenues for your community. Click here to read more.

Still want to shop with Amazon? Do you know that £1 in £3 in the UK is now spent with Amazon? If you wanted a fair playing field, and good prices, you won’t be getting it. According to Retail Tech News, Charged “Amazon could avoid tax in the UK for a further two years after reliefs brought in by Rishi Sunak during the pandemic have continued to benefit the ecommerce giant.

A report from the Fair Tax Foundation indicates that Amazon claimed over £800 million in capital allowances, which are business expenses that can be offset against profits, last year. This figure was £500 million more than in 2020. Read on and you discover Amazon had no tax to pay in 2021! Read the story here. Buying local means buying from people that file tax returns and pay tax every year! 

And guess where that tax money ends up? That’s right back in your local community!

Amazon still feel cheaper, quicker and easier?

Don’t forget you can always find the supplier on Amazon and go direct to them – that way you get great service and support local, meaning that small business can ditch Amazon sooner and keep more of their profits – that go back into the UK economy – sooner!

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