Communication Power – How to Practically Negotiate.

As the Founder of The Business Womans Network and Insiders, I’ve been using the power of the way the mind works to help people get what they want for years, but what does that practically mean?

When you own a business or are responsible for the growth and profit of an organisation knowing how others think and how to alter the way you communicate is mega exciting.

A long answer short;

What you think + what other parties think + communication magic = getting what you want!

Mandie Holgate, quote me, don’t nick it!

I’ve done this for many years from post graduates looking for their first professional position through to businesses pitching their dream business idea to an investor.

From personal statements that deliver bursaries, through to business plans that make your business a dream to grow.

Knowing what to say that will hook the other party and make them interested, keen, ready to buy and signing on the dotted line need not be guess work.

I can train you and your team to understand how you think and how others think, to use that knowledge to get what you want. Here is just one wonderful example of an Insider with big plans for the future who trusted myself and The Insiders with their plans….it’s a true story of happy ever after in business!

Julia Wingfield in my view has a lot to give this world to make it a better place and build a beautiful profitable business out of that plan too. Julia owns We Care home and Away (learn more here) and Vegilove (learn more here.) So here Julia shares a practical way that the Insiders, time with me and my knowledge have helped her – and I’ve got to say, I couldn’t be happier for her. We are a business family and your success matters to me.

“I thought I’d share some news. I attended last week’s Insiders networking virtual meeting, where everyone was invited to share their projects and ask for advice.

I nervously put my hand up and had it explained that in order to get my message across I should take on board;

1. What I looked like and how that could impact on the proceedings.

2. Lighting and how that can damage image and brand and how to overcome this.

3. Practice my listening skills so I could reply in a powerful way to connect and negotiate.

4. Mirror their preferred communication method (sensory, audio etc) again to enable an understanding, connectivity and trust.

5. Practice, practice, practice.

Today I delivered my project to one of the largest financial investment groups in the country using Teams.

In advance I put together an investor deck (let’s just call it PowerPoint) linked to my lived experience, did my hair and make-up, bought a light box, and meditated for 15 minutes.

30 mins before I was due to begin, I did a practise run with my daughter in law. The camera was pointing at the clutter in the corner of the room and we couldn’t connect.

With ten minutes to spare, my neurodiverse fanboy son (his tag) fixed the lot, sat out of shot, and when it came time for me to present, he clicked the slide show while I did my presentation UNSCRIPTED!

The Result?

I’ve been invited to be the keynote speaker at their national case conference in May 2024 and in the interim they want me to meet their CEO to discuss investment!

BOOM! Thank you Mandie Holgate and Julie Dallard (who recommended I join) it’s the best £20 a month I’ve ever spent 👩‍🦽👩‍🦽👩‍🦽

#fakeittillyoumakeit #self-belief #pitchperfect #listenandlearn”

To say we are happy for Julia is an understatement. I know in these challenging times many claim they can help you and your business, we’ve tons of these success stories every month. Some remain confidential as the company is large and others shout it from the rooftops like Julia Wingfield.

Do join us too. You can learn more here.

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