It Can Be Safe, Secure & Indeed Simple

I have yet again had to do some data recovery for a client.

It amazes me the stories I still hear about people losing their work. Precious files, photos, emails, business documents of all shapes and sizes.

But why?

Do we forget?

Do we have that “I’ll do it later” attitude?

Or is it because we don’t have a simple easy to use system in place where it’s automatically taken care of?
It doesn’t matter if you are a Mac or Windows user. Mac users mostly favour Time Machine, which runs in the background and mirrors the internal drive of your computer to an external one. Windows users can choose from a range of backup software, some free to download to do the same thing. We can also use “The Cloud” to keep our files in cyberspace on secure servers. We are able to access them from anywhere, even from your iPhone or Blackberry. Then there is simple usb sticks. Cheap to buy and fit in your pocket.

But how about all those emails?

We concentrate on our work files, but what if the computer’s drive fails?

Where are those quotes?

Where are the Internet Explorer favourites and bookmarks?

Where are the network settings?

Where are the address book contacts?

Where are the confirmed orders?

Backed up as well?

Still on a server somewhere?


The other thing to consider is fire and theft. Yes a hard drive backs up the computer, but if it’s sitting next to it in your home or office, chances are it will go up in a puff of smoke as well or be stolen in the event of a break in. “It could never happen to me” Well it can. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.

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