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Grab a cuppa business friend, because here we share up-to-date industry news and events to keep your business thriving.
We’ve got some exciting updates from members which enables you to network with like minded business owners to buy and sell. And we know you’ll find valuable.
This month we include;
Our latest article What Entrepreneurship is and how to utilise this knowledge/strategy in your business.
Hot topics on the Insiders you don’t want to miss. (Share your knowledge and learn something new.)
Us in the press at the Hart of the Community with the cutest baby at a networking event ever. Well that’s what we think of James and Gabriella from Koala Digital. (Lenny and Beckett are adorable too – just so we don’t upset any other cute little people that attend our events.)
Competition winner for May. 
Congratulations Sharon Jenn from all of us Insiders.New members – welcome!
Don’t forget we need your image, links and bio for our site.
Kate Nudd’s Insider and Career Coach speaks about her involvement in the Empower Women Suffolk event this May.
And we have events from Chris Penhall on writing and Michelle Shavdia on ADHD.More from the blog – how to save money.
And most importantly free virtual, face to face networking and webinars – with an exclusive one.
What is Entrepreneurship is and how to utilise this knowledge/strategy in your business. The latest advice and ideas from Founder Mandie Holgate. This is a valuable resource for business owners, and anyone responsible for the growth of an organisation, and we encourage you to give it a read. 

Insiders will tell you that no subject is off limits with us.
This month we’ve some hot topics or in the words of one Insider – Wow this is on fire!They include;
How to make customers feel special and why it matters.
Wedding Industry – how to get the most out of this and what to avoid.
Overwhelmed – how to fix it fast.
Artists, crafters and creatives – innovative ways to make money.
Corporate work – how to take your creative, therapy, wellbeing business into this lucrative fast growth (into 2025) market.
Public speaking – how to overcome your fears with many exclusive extracts from Mandie’s course on how to excel at public speaking – anywhere.
We always over deliver. It’s great to be networking face to face again, for free.We meet ad hoc (keep an eye on the confidential mastermind group to learn more). This is in addition to our monthly events. We also featured in the local news, speaking about member’s Michelle from Find your spark winning an award, Sharon Jenn from Timeless Furniture and her beautiful new SEO enabled site thanks to Koala Digital and Lydia Adams from Belhus Property talking about this Summer’s Hot Property Show. Read the full article here.
Local PR May 2023
Congratulations and Winner
We send all our love and happiness for newly wed Sharon Jenns from Timeless Furniture. Congratulations.
And Congratulations to May’s Insider Winner Angela Hogg on winning the monthly competition.
Just add your name to the monthly post to be entered. Which would you choose? 
List of courses for business owners and blurbs
New members;
Christine Penhall is a best selling author, freelance radio and podcast producer and writer. Also hosting an event on the 20th of May in Chelmsford for buddy writing events and training.
Bev Hepting. Anneka Phakey. Eliana Keen. Linda Rollason and Bernie Hughes.We look forward to sharing more about new members.

And you can read about Chris in our digital marketing too (since they were mega organised with sending us link, images and content for our award winning website. Thank you.

17th May. Upcoming event in Suffolk aimed at empowering women. Kate Nudd, a prominent figure in the Suffolk business community, will be hosting a fantastic event. We highly recommend attending to meet like-minded individuals and gain valuable insights to help grow your business. Kate also attends our face to face events in Essex. Learn more here.

19th June. For anyone with an ADHD diagnosis, for a parent or family member who would like to know more about this misunderstood and stigmatised condition join Michelle Shavdia from Find your spark for this supportive and educational session. Click here to join. 

How to save money for the fun things in life.
Experts in saving you money through innovative energy solutions, Louise Howlett, has provided some valuable insights into heat pumps and their benefits. You can find more information here or ask Louise on the Insiders.

And here Caroline Beament, The Money Saving Mum and an active member of the Insiders, shares the best ways to have fun, save money, and make every penny go further. In her new Money Mindset Course, Caroline shares all the mistakes she made that stopped her from saving enough for big holidays and the things that matter in life and guides you through how to save without feeling the pinch. Learn more here.

Virtual and Face to Face Networking and FREE AI Webinar – not to be missed.11th May – 10.30am. The White Hart Mersea Island. Free to attend. Just purchase your own refreshments. No structure. Just a buzzing, fun time that leads to new business without the pressure. 

18th May – 10am. Our structured event. First hour talk about your business and deliver a 60 seconds if you want to. Second hour ask for advice AND share your knowledge – a powerful accountable hour to grow your business. 22nd May 10.30am. This is a very exclusive opportunity and we are very grateful to top UK Expert Rob Sayles for this. While the session is live you will be able to;
1. Post questions before the event to get your own questions answered.
2. Watch again at your leisure.
3. Speak with Rob (because he is an Insider) about this subject after the event too!It is FREE to all members.Uses to increase profit and save time.How to automate business.How to navigate potential risks to you and customers.Overcome common mistakes that damage your business. 
Enough about our amazing members.
Did you know…
That all members can feature in our newsletter and on our award winning blog for free. 
They get promoted through our social media – check out how many thousands of people that is!
They get free networking events and webinars and training.We make sure they get the free PR and event opportunities first.They get 50% discount on business growth, writing and communication courses.And that’s not everything they get. We grow businesses, no minimum sign up time. We grow because we know how to help you.
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