R and D Grants – Even the King of Cheese Can get one!

‘Go -on, you’d be surprised what companies can get this grant! What have you got to lose?’

Mandie Holgate, Founder The Business Womans Network.

Here top UK chef and owner of The White Label Detroit Pizza Company AKA King of Cheese shares some amazingly good business news and news on how they got some free money. Being involved with our business mastermind group has many benefits, read on for Paul’s great news.

The above quote is what Mandie Holgate said to us and it got us thinking. We had never considered going for a R and D grant before. We had assumed they were aimed at big business, manufacturing or some new innovative tech. We hadn’t considered how we could qualify, however it’s a good point to be fair, and our ‘cook at home’ pizza is incredibly unique.

So unique that I hadn’t been able to find another company that does what White Label Detroit Pizza does! Restaurant quality ‘cook at home’ pizza. It’s been described as having your own takeaway pizza chef in your own kitchen.

And Mandie has a habit of reminding me that I’m not just a chef, I’ve trained over 1,000 chefs, of which many are now also top UK Chefs.

It made us think about our innovation and uniqueness and that’s the point! To be the first of a kind there must be some research, and definitely some development so why not take advantage of a government Research & Development grant?

It’s not just for big pharmaceutical companies!

Sometimes you just need a butt kick to make it happen. So, a specialist company was approached, a report was filed, and eventually a cheque was received! It’s good to know that someone is looking out for you and has your corner. We are so proud to say that business has increased by 20% over the past year!

And while we know we are unique we are now able to offer a more traditional version of pizza as we start hot pizza delivery in Maldon, Essex this month.

And we are in discussions with venues in other Essex towns to use as dark kitchens for hot pizza delivery on Christmas Eve and into 2023.

Next year one of our outposts will start delivering our pizzas up to 10 mile radius 5 days a week too – it’s all good news, moving in the right direction. And with my fine dining at home company running alongside we really do have good food sorted – we aim to bring that service to more counties into 2023/2024!

We appreciate the growth especially considering the current climate and in 2023 with our web company (Insider Justin Ormerod from eMedia – an affiliate so Insiders get a discount to work with them) is helping us to launch an exclusive new referral scheme which will give us another way to show our appreciation of our loyal customers. 2023 is looking very exciting. “

Thank you Paul Boorman for sharing your good news. To learn more and follow Paul’s companies head to www.whitelabeldetroitpizza.co.uk

King of cheese Paul Boorman from White label pizza

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