Things get better and better for UK’s Salon Educational Journal

It is with great excitement that we share the news that our member Sue Davies, editor of the Salon Education Journal and an expert in the industry for over 20 years (yes she really is a walking advert for the good of the industry!) launches an exclusive event in partnership with Hair and Beauty Directory. Here Sue tells us more about the big glitzy not to be missed event, sponsorship opportunities and plans for 2024.

After a whirlwind November with the Launch Edition of Salon Education Journal hitting doormats across the country, we are now working on growing the publication and reaching an increasing number of potential readers. It’s been a huge learning curve and we have got some amazing contacts and collaborators already. 

One of these is The Hair & Beauty Directory, which is the brainchild of Helen Ward, a long serving beauty professional and educator who also recognises the need for consumer accountability and professionalism in the salon industry. 

Helen and I are working together to raise awareness of the challenges the industry is facing which are causing potential safety issues for the public, recruitment difficulties for salon employers and the uphill struggle for entrepreneurs in the salon industry to get traction in their businesses and education venues.

We are determined that by working together we will increase the power of our messaging and so on 2 March 2024 we are hosting a joint LAUNCH PARTY (woohoo!!) at a venue just across the way from Excel in London.  It’s on the night before the beauty industry’s biggest trade event and will be a who’s who of guests, with publicity from now until the event across our 3 business platforms (Salon Education Journal, The Hair & Beauty Directory and Nabuno, my salon education platform). 

Over the last 2 weeks we’ve been putting our offer out to our communities for our launch party and have had an amazing response from our communities and are already heading towards a potential ‘last few available’ for general tickets, which is fantastic.  We also want and need to have quality sponsors and have a variety of levels available to suit all budgets.  If you work in an area that supports the salon industry or provide services/products and want to connect with this vibrant and creative sector, get in touch! We have a sponsor list forming and if you’d like to connect with our event, we’d love to have a conversation.

We are so excited to be working together on projects that can make a difference and create real impact in our industry.  In the next 7 days we are going to London to meet with the trade show organiser to discuss the possibility of creating a small business drop-in networking centre to help salon businesses who may be struggling and to take this away from the seminar stages into a face-to-face advice centre.  We know that this is going to be a new way for them to reach their target audience. 

We are positive that it can make a difference to our sector and how they view trade show attendance which has waned over the last decade, with footfall reducing and consequently the quality and number of exhibitors changing.  We know that there is a need to network, connect and listen and we want to create a space for this to happen. 

Here’s to collaboration and networking!

We are with you every step of the way Sue.

Mandie Holgate is also a featured columnist for The Salon Education Journal. To read her advice for the industry you can sign up to the publication here.

To get the exclusive opportunity to sponsor this event click here. Please do mention us. Thank you.

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