What a Business Owner’s Got To Do

When it comes to running your own business there is so much to consider and do right?

But what’s the most important thing?

I would say one of the most important things is to always be appreciating the needs of your customers. In that way as markets change, as customers buying power or trends change direction you are organically aware of what your customers want and are adapting.

Great so got that sussed right?

But hang that’s not all is it?

It’s no good producing the best widgets in the world if you hide them a way in your factory and never tell anyone about them, right?

Ok so you need to market your business in the right ways too. And of course if you understand your customers needs then you will naturally know how they want to receive information, where they want to receive, how and when, so that you are always communicating with potential customers too.

Wow glad we got the important points of running a business sussed, aren’t you?

But hang on what about the invoicing, the chasing (get the right customers and guess what you will rarely chase money, they will love you that much!) the admin, the phone calls, the emails, the business procedures, the accounts, the end of year, the HMRC paperwork and forms, the laws that you have to abide by, the health and safety, the…….

Oh right….. THATS when running your own business can become overwhelming right?

Because on top of all that guess what?

You are expected to have the ability to turn your brain off and interact with the non business world. To have the energy to relax with friends and family, to play, to exercise, to plan holidays, get togethers, decorating, birthdays…..

Ok so NOW I get what you are up against.

And that is why the Business Woman’s Network will always cover every aspect of your professional life at our events. Every event will always be packed with business ideas and opportunities – so you don’t have to waste time finding the opportunities for your business.

Our events always have leading experts so that you are always up to speed with what effects your business – next week for instance we will be looking at the new Bribery Act and its impact on your business. I myself am looking forward to that one as it’s so imperative that I am up to date on what affects my business without having to spend a day wading through page after page of information.

So don’t get overwhelmed in your business. Don’t lose sight of the targets and the goals for your business this year. If you trust in the right advice then you will have the energy, time and money in your life for all aspects of it.

And you know with our mastermind group no subject is off limits and it’s all confidential.

You can join us here

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