Xero Account Issues thanks to Insider Bernie

Jo Hanby of Get Your Biz Seen, is a Marketing VA who was assisting Insider and client, Bernie, in growing her business. Jo recommended Bernie to join the Insiders, as after recently joining herself, she was seeing how valuable the membership is. Bernie is Jo’s book-keeper for her other businesses and recommended that she utilise Xero to streamline her VA business accounts and make her book-keeping easier too. As an extra bonus, Jo has also been able to assist new VA clients with Xero invoicing, thanks to the Xero training she has had from Bernie

Bernie explains the benefits of Xero for small businesses;

  1. Easy Quick Financial Management:
    • Xero streamlines financial tasks, making bookkeeping and accounting effortless for small businesses.
  2. Real-Time Data:
    • Gain real-time insights into the financial health of your business with Xero, helping you make informed decisions faster to take advantage of opportunities and mitigate risk.
  3. User-Friendly software:
    • We like simple and so does Xero. Xero prides itself on a user-friendly interface, designed to make financial management accessible for everyone.
  4. Cloud-Based Flexibility:
    • In an ideal world you’d leave the office and stop working, ha ha ha you say! When you suddenly remember something you don’t need to head back to the office, or dig out your laptop. You can access your financial data anytime, anywhere, thanks to Xero’s cloud-based platform, providing flexibility for small business owners.
  5. Automated Processes:
    • Mandie Holgate talks about “Automate, Outsource or Employ” for success. So automation is top benefit of Xero. You will save time and reduce errors with Xero’s automation features, automating repetitive tasks and ensuring accuracy in your financial records.”
  6. Easy Invoicing and Payments:
    • Efficiently manage invoices and receive payments faster with Xero’s invoicing and online payment capabilities.
  7. Expense Tracking:
    • Keep a close eye on expenses by easily tracking and categorising transactions, helping you manage your budget effectively and plan for the next quarter.
  8. Easy Integration with Third-Party Apps:
    • Enhance functionality by seamlessly integrating Xero with a variety of third-party apps to meet your unique business needs.”
  9. Collaborative Financial Management:
    • No stressing about files too big. You can easily share with your team and advisors in real-time, promoting effective communication and collaboration on financial matters.
  10. Scalability for Growth:
    • Grow your business confidently with Xero, offering scalable solutions that adapt to your evolving financial requirements.

Bernie has many ways she can work with you and your small business. For Jo it was about flexibility, speed, knowledge and impeccable accounts.

Jo said;

I worked with Bernie during the set up of my newest business and also have my limited company accounts and self-assessments taken care of by her too. Bernie has excellent Xero knowledge and her teaching is clear and thorough – she is also very approachable and easy to work with. I have found Bernie’s support and Xero knowledge really helpful. As a Xero trainer, she is able to walk you through solutions, give advice and troubleshoot. I love that you can book a power hour or longer support session and come away feeling more confident about doing Xero yourself, even for a Xero beginner like myself. It saves a lot of last minute stress as year end approaches, when you know your accounts are already organised, as Xero is running smoothly for your business.

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Bernie can fit most budgets and is happy to answer queries via her site, email or the Insiders. As active members we know they will share the best quality advice they can to help you and your small business.

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